“Call in the Army,” says  Arvind Kejriwal to Amit Shah

Arvind kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today said “Army should be called in and police is unable to control situation in northeast Delhi where 18 people have died and over 150 have been injured amid clashes between pro and anti-citizenship law protesters. Mr Kejriwal’s latest remark is a turnaround after he told reporters on Tuesday that Army was not required in the area to control the violence. 

Today, the Aam aadmi Party govt does not have the power to issue instructions to the SDM. Normally, in other states, the requisition for Army has to come from an executive magistrate, through the Chief Secretary to the Local Military authority. It WAS well within the local govt’s powers to call the Army. Today, AAP doesn’t have this power over the SDM, The state government therefore cannot  call for Army. The power was stripped away in 2015 – earlier they had the anti-corruption bureau too – this too was taken away. Through this ACB , the AAP government ran the  anti-corruption helpline.




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