Sarva Bhasha Samvad

January 30, 2016
The origin of the Sarva Bhasha Samvad lay in understanding the situation of the country and an attempt to reaffirm faith in the principles of diversity, plurality and integrity. Writers, Artists and Activists from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa undertook a Dakshinayan sojourn in the last week of November 2015. They visited the bereaved families of the Late Dr. Narendra Dabholkar, Comrade Govind Pansare and Dr. M. M. Kalburgi, respectively, at Pune, Kolhapur and Dharwad.  Together with them, the writers and artists addressed large public meetings of intellectuals, activists, scientists, writers, artists and film-makers in these three cities. At the end of the journey, they decided to reconvene at Dandi on the 30 January 2016 so as to create an on-going ‘Sarva--Bhasha–Samvad’ and to re-affirm their commitment to diversity, plurality, amity and integrity.

The Sarva-Bhasha-Samvad is set to be convened at Dandi  on 30 January 2016 and is an entirely voluntary expression of creative and sensitive minds. It is not sponsored or funded by any organisation. Furthermore, it is not initiated, promoted or supported by any political party or party affiliate, nor is it directed against any particular political party. It is an attempt to reflect on many larger issues facing our time and is, metaphorically speaking, ‘a collective prayer’ by a large number of individuals who believe in the ideals of non-violence, fearlessness and love.  The Dandi meeting is not a protest meeting. It is a meeting of minds for initiating constructive work and dialogue necessary for out time.

Following the Dandi meet, Sarva Bhasha Samvad will continue to convene meetings involving reflection, introspection and discussion in many towns and villages of several states from the 12th March to the 6th April – the duration of Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi march—in order to create a better understanding of the challenges facing us in the areas of creative expression and social harmony.

The schedule of events during the Sarva Bhasha Samvad will be as follows:
  • Arrive at Nausari by the evening of the 29th.January 2016.
  • Reach the Start point 2 kms from Dandi by 7.15 am
  • Symbolic Walk of 2kms from 7.30 to 8.00
  • 8.00 to 8.30 am – Prayer at the spot where Mahatma Gandhi picked up salt at 8.30 am on the 6th April 1930.
  • 9.15 –10.00 Welcome & Self Introduction of participants
  • 10. 00-12. 00 – ‘Why Sarva-Bhasha-Samvada?’–Statements by State Representatives
  • 12.00-1.00 –  Announcement and brief discussion of various initiatives and meetings to take place from 12 March to 6th April 2016 in various cities and village
  • 2. 00-5.00 -- Individual Statements and Response by Participants
  • 5.00 -- Prayer and Conclusion of the meeting. 

Travel & Logistics:

Nausari is a station on Bombay-Ahmedabad/Bombay –Delhi railway line. It is between Valsad  and Surat. If you are travelling in a fast train, the more convenient stop is Surat. 
The distance between Surat and Nausari is approximately 40 kms. If you decide to travel by air, the nearest airports are Vadodara –200 kms/  3hrs by road from Nausari – or Bombay 250kms/ 4 hrs by road. There are connecting trains from both Vadodara and Bombay to Nausari. Arrangements for stay at Nausari for the night of the 29th January and the 30th January are made at Nausari in simple hotels and dormitories.  Please carry with you your own towel and a simple bed-spread. Please do not go directly to Dandi as there are no hotels there for an overnight stay. The distance between Nausari and Dandi is 22 kms. Travel time by road is 30 minutes.

 Transport is arranged from the place of your stay to Nausari so that you reach Dandi ( The Start Point)  by 7.15 am.  Please be ready by 6.30 am and be prepared to skip breakfast. Similarly, transport arrangements are made for bring you back to Nausari after the meeting at Dandi is over at 5.00 pm.

Intimation of Participation:
Those who decide to participate in the Sarva Bhasha Samvad are requested to write to Prof. G. N. Devy at [email protected]  giving the following information:

1.      Name and address (for contact in any emergency), with phone number/email address.

2.      Date and time of arrival.

3.      Date and time of departure.