Cannot Criticise De-Monetization, Hallo! This Woman Does It In Stark Style and Her Post Goes Viral

Chennai based Anupama Anamangad chose the stark route of analogy and comparison: “Coz if you can have sex, why can’t you get raped, right!?”—shaming those who are silencing critics of the Modi government’s manner and style of de-monetization –and her post has gone viral.

In this FB post, which she seems to compare the government’s decision to demonetize the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes to rape, has gone viral. Exasperated by comparisons between queues at movie theaters and Reliance stores (for buying Jio) and the queues that can now be seen snaking out of ATMs across the nation, Anupama Anamangad chose the following words to express her perception of the difference between these phenomena:
Anamangad explained that the people queuing up outside ATMs aren’t doing so because they want cash, but because they need it – and now have no choice but to get in line.

“As if the 73 old man who died in queue was standing in the Jio sim queue!” Anamangad wrote.

And before she was done, she used another metaphor to describe her views on the consequences of the ban: she suggested that temporarily inconveniencing the public to crack down on those who’d hoarded unaccounted wealth was akin to bombing a village to catch a criminal, and then asking people if they hadn’t seen fire before.

Here’s her post:


Source: Times of India Blog



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