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Report: Meta reportedly monetising on ads calling for the killing of Muslims as well as opposition leader

A recent report by ICWI (Indian Civil Watchlist) and Ekō has revealed that Meta has been platforming hate content generated by AI on its platforms, despite promising to be vigilant before India’s Lok Sabha elections.

ECI’s questionable opposition to disclosure of Form 17C: No “legal mandate” to disclose data, disclosure may lead to mischief

Overlooking Rule 93 of the Conduct of Elections Rules that allows people to inspect & take copies of Form 17C, the ECI in it’s counter affidavit in the ongoing matter in the SC, the ECI has claimed there exists no legal right to public to access Form 17C; the case to be heard in Supreme Court on May 24

6 victims of demolition get compensation of Rs. 30 lakhs from Assam government

Safiqul Islam was beaten to death while in custody, and houses were bulldozed by the police in May 2022. Compensation was provided by the government after Gauhati High Court intervened suo moto against the illegal actions by the police

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma reportedly spent 58 crores of public funds on travel

The report by The Wire has revealed that the chief minister used public funds to hire private flights to BJP meetings as well as various weddings.

Professor VK Tripathi and his pamphlets of hope, social justice and harmony

A 76-year-old retired professor from IIT Delhi distributes leaflets throughout states and districts to teach people about unity and brotherhood while opposing the state's incitement of hatred and division.

Gujarat: Hindu Sena celebrates birthday of Nathuram Godse

The Hindu Sena, which has previously also paid tribute to Queen Victoria, celebrated Godse’s birthday and has vowed to install a statue of him.

National Commission for Women: An instrument of social justice or a mere political mouthpiece?

A look at the past one year shows the emergence of a worrying trend where the NCW has turned a blind eye to issues of sexual violence or shown selective outrage in a bid to protect as well as further the political agenda of the current ruling BJP government