Investigate suspicious stock market surge and fall: former Sec to the GOI

Former Secretary to the Government of India, EAS Sarma has raised sharp questions related to the questionable stock market surge and then collapse over the past week and demanded that ED, CBI and CBDT investigated the matter thoroughly

Vibrant Gujarat? Official document admits failure to tackle industrial, urban pollution

Even as the Gujarat government is all set to launch another edition of its high-profile Vibrant Gujarat world business meet (January 10-12), a top state document has gone out of the way to admit one of the severest issues which the state badly needs to urgently tackle: “pollution control, especially industrial and urban pollution”.

Refusal to allow salt farming in Little Rann ‘pushes’ 1200 Gujarat Agariyas to margins

Unemployment is one of the severe and burning issues...

Claims of employment rate increase a sham: Economists

New Delhi: At a time when the report of the...

Unveiling hidden divides: caste, gender and the myth of Indian growth

Existing data examining the status of women and marginalised castes in the economy points to a disturbing reality, which contradicts, deeply, the notion of India as a rising, globally charged economy.

EPFO data records 10% fewer fresh formal jobs created in April-August 2023

Business Standard reports that the payroll data showed that cumulatively 4.92 million new subscribers joined the social security organisation between April-August this year

Food Price Spike: How Farmers’ Protest Saved the Country

If the infamous three laws hadn’t been withdrawn, procurement would have been privatised and the government would have had no means of combating inflation.

Against overwhelming odds, women entrepreneurs in Kashmir Valley offer hope

Stories from the Valley after the devastating impact of the abrogation of Article 370 (August 2019) have been otherwise grim; here some real life accounts of Kashmiri women pioneering online businesses show us a tale of both resilience and hope

5 Years Since Application and Still No Results: Frustrated Junior Engineers’ Protest Completes 6 Months in UP

Sitting at the Eco Park in Lucknow since November 26, 2022, the JE applicants are now tired and approaching the final stage of their protest

Addressing Mammoth Task of Depositing ₹3.62 Lakh Crore (2,000 Rs Notes) : Scale, Assumptions & Effort (Part 2)

"RBI's Currency Removal Policy: Citizens Struggle with Burdensome 'Homework' as Deposit Process Presents Daunting Challenges and Calls for Alternative Approaches."


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Post violence follow-up in Gajapur village of Kolhapur shows Muslims families left with no food, shelter or vehicles, activists blame authorities of being mute spectators

Activist Medha Pansare highlights the plight of the women and the presence of police in the violence hit-area, which is not letting people provide aid or speak to the affected families; Activist Shakir Tamboli demands the transfer of SP, under whose charge 2 major incidents of targeted violence against Muslims have taken place

Violence, vandalism and arson in Kolhapur, Muslim houses and mosque targeted by mob that had gathered on the call of former RS MP Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati

Since the past year, Sambhaji Raje had been protesting against “illegal encroachment” on Vishalgarh fort, videos of violent attack show men with saffron flags atop the Mosque with hammers

If malpractice is widespread, across most exam centres, localised analysis will fail to detect anomalies: NTA’s flawed defence

The authors, students of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and IIT-Mumbai critique NTA's data Interpretations on NEET 2024 Irregularities

Maharashtra Special Public Security Bill tabled in assembly, using the myth of “urban naxals” to supress dissent?

CJP dissects the MSPS Bill and its problematic provision, its impact on the citizenry, dangers of having another draconian law in the face of existing BNS, 2023, UAPA, 1967 & PMLA, 2002

“Authorities cannot arbitrarily accuse people of being foreigners or initiate an investigation without a substantial basis” states Supreme Court while reinstating citizenship of a Muslim man

The bench noted that there had been a serious injustice committed by the authorities since the start of the investigation while overturning the decision of the Foreigner's Tribunal and the judgment of the Gauhati High Court that had declared the appellant to be a foreigner.

Uttarakhand: Local leader alleges shots fired by BJP workers as Muslim voters beaten when they went to vote

During a by-election in Manglaur, Uttarakhand, several Muslim voters were reportedly injured and prevented after violence took place on July 10. Locals have alleged that BJP workers came and threatened Muslims, and even shot rounds. Police have denied that shots were fired, and have called it a clash.