Food Price Spike: How Farmers’ Protest Saved the Country

If the infamous three laws hadn’t been withdrawn, procurement would have been privatised and the government would have had no means of combating inflation.

UP cancels Adani’s tenders even as RSS’ Organiser inspires a social media onslaught alleging a conspiracy against ‘Adani brand of nationalism’

UP and AP are two Indian states apart from the Maharashtra HNPT that have cancelled Adani tenders and penalized the conglomerate for concealing facts, bad business practice; yet RSS’ Organiser and BJP IT cells trolls equate the exposure of Adani by Hindenburg to an attack on ‘India’

Undesirable but prevalent inequalities in India

Indian society is ridden with inequality, while the Constitution explicitly warns against such a concentration of wealth

‘Worker Resistance’ Foiled Attempts to Privatise Vizag Steel Plant

CITU Andhra Pradesh general secretary and VUPPC chairman CH Narasinga Rao tells Newsclick that there have been attempts to privatise the plant since the 1991 economic liberalisation.

Weavers of Banaras are forced to work for less than the minimum wage

With the goal of raising class consciousness and mobilizing...

Garment Workers Union Plans Strike Over Wage Non-Revision in Karnataka

The industry has blocked efforts by the state government to give even modest pay hikes to workers.


Image: ET Now DigitalOne of the defining facets of the...

Agri Workers’ Tiny Wage Rise Wiped Out by Inflation

In the past five years, agri workers’ wage has increased by only about Rs.15 per year.

Bank Employees to Go on Strike for a Day on Nov 19 Against ‘Growing Attacks’

The industrial action, which is expected to be joined by lakhs of employees, thereby affecting banking services across the country, will also see the raising of a host of other non-financial demands, an AIBEA leader told NewsClick on Tuesday.

Agra: Shopkeepers, artisans near Taj Mahal face bleak future

Left in the lurch after court order barring commercial activities within 500 meters of Taj Mahal, many of them run small businesses that have been handed down over generations


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Legal advocacy restores citizenship for disabled man facing statelessness

Tajuddin Ali, a disabled man from Assam, was saved from becoming stateless with the help of CJP.

UP: School question paper, on ‘Indian Muslim Terrorism’, calls for India to prepare for war with Pak

The question paper, with arguably partisan presumptions, also said that the government of India must hold talks with Pakistan on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir

Taking the Law into Ones Hand: Unravelling the Disturbing Trend of Vigilantism in India

From religious tensions to far-right ideologies, this report uncovers the factors driving violence and the need for urgent action.

Uttarakhand: Anganwadi Workers Protest for Wage Hike Outside CM Residence in Dehradun

Hundreds gathered from Across Uttarakhand under the banner of Uttrakhand Rajya Anganwadi Workers Union; collectively made their demands to the government in the presence of the media.

Horrifying instances of rape in MP and Mahrashtra, accused booked under POCSO

Reports of two minors have been raped have emerged from Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain and Mumbai’s Jogeshwari.

An open letter to the JNU VC: Your association with RSS defies humanism, anti-colonial struggle for Indian democracy!

This open letter by historian, Shamsul Islam traces the history of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) today stigmatised by the supremacist ideology of practioneers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)