Narmada floods: Why no output at 1200 MW dam power house for 10 days? asks SANDRP

Continuing its analysis* of unprecedented floods of the Narmada river both upstream and downstream of the Sardar Sarovar dam, the advocacy group South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers and People (SANDRP) has said that the “avoidable” disaster, caused by “unaccountable” Sardar Sarovar operators could have been minimised if the River Bed Power House at the dam site had continued its operations by releasing 1200 cumecs or, 42000 cusecs of water over ten days.

Haridwar: Kanwar Yatra ends, leaves behind 30,000 metric tonnes of garbage

Locals and authorities decry the environment damage done, reports suggest open defecation along the Ganga contributed approximately 10,000 tonnes of faecal waste into the river

Parliamentary Committee Gives Nod to Proposed Dilution of Forest Rights

Proposed amendments to pivotal 1980 law draw objections from forest rights activists and critics as it gains support from parliamentary committee

Vanishing villages depict struggle of erosion-affected families, impact migration: Assam

For so many like 80-year-old Ziad Ali erosion and displacement have been a mental trauma. The octogenarian has been displaced a dozen times as Beki river’s destructive current has eroded Rasulpur village in Barpeta district almost every flood season “, especially since 2004”. Despite the existence of erosion benefit schemes (2021) these have not reached Barpeta district.

Environment is impacted by Bakri Eid but is the outrage selective?

There is no defending the cruelty of mass sacrifices of goats during Bakri Id in public places but speaking of environmental concerns, is people’s outrage conveniently targeting only religious practices be it of any religion?

Wake up, citizens of Maharashtra!

Say no to destruction! Save your lives, save your livelihood! June 5, World Environment Day!

Has the recent Supreme Court order further diluted Eco-sensitive zones?

The union government came up to the apex court seeking modification in its June 2022 order that a strict 1 km buffer zone be kept around National parks and Sanctuaries

Maharashtra Govt compelled to withdraw 144 orders against residents & protesters: Barsu Refinery

Justices Revati Deore and Sharmila Deshmukh of the Bombay High Court rejected the request to silence protesters and residents of Rajapur who were protesting against the #Barsu refinery.

State govt clamps down on peoples’ protests in the Konkan: Maharashtra

A media blackout, a ban on television crew, externment notices and a massive police force – the Maharashtra government has unleashed all these and more, in its arsenal to break the staunch resistance of villagers to a refinery project in the Konkan . Though shaken by the killing of journalist Shashikant Warishe in February this year, the villagers are steadfast.

#NoToBarsuRefinery: Protestors manhandled and arrested, activist re-arrested after attaining bail

Despite the government's use of restrictive measures, protesters are still refusing to give up and are fighting to safeguard their livelihood.


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The blatant anti-Muslim bias displayed in the Indian parliament is a shame for the country

BJP MP targets a Muslim MP, uses anti-Muslim slurs, calls him “Muslim terrorist and militant” during the Special Session of the Lok Sabha, comments expunged after uproar

MP witnesses rising violence against tribals as BJP youth wing leader is caught beating an elderly tribal

The opposition has condemned the incident, accusing the ruling BJP government of being “anti-tribal”, after the video went viral this week on social media. However, even more videos of tribal being beaten and assault continue to emerge from the state.

Wither Intersectionality? Women’s reservation and (lack of) inclusivity 

The exclusion of Bahujan women does not serve the purpose of inclusion and empowerment

Poet-philospher Iqbal was wrong in denouncing Western style democracy and freedom

His romantic view of brutal despotism radicalised Muslim ulema and youth with continuing damaging consequences for the community

Stop saluting us, treat us as equals, TN MP Kanimozhi Karunanidhi’s impassioned speech on the Women’s Reservation Bill

Delivering a short but powerful speech the DMK MP from Thuthukudi (Tamil Nadu) traces the history of this yet to become law and points out how it was in her state, that the Justice Party, Nidi Kachi passed a resolution on May 10, 1921 to grant voting rights for woman for the first time in India

FIR against Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma for hate speech

Filed by senior Congress MLA Debabrata Saikia, the complaint outlines how Himanta Biswa Sarma incited violence and arson, reports The Hindu

ECI undertaking to SC: Aadhaar number not mandatory to enrol as voter

ECI states to the SC that "Appropriate clarificatory changes" will be made in Forms 6 and 6B of the ECI forms for registration in e-roll so that this misguided inclusion is rectified, details for electoral rolls authentication are issued