Dalit Bahujan Adivasi

Alarming Odisha arrests, ‘illegal’ detentions ahead of Vedanta bauxite public hearing

More than 80 lawyers, legal academics and researchers have written to the Governor of Odisha raising concerns about the “alarming arrests and illegal detentions” of about two dozen persons...

Hathras Verdict: Justice not delivered

Examining the Hathras verdict's implications on human rights and equality amidst lingering

CJP moves NCSC against rising anti-Dalit incidents since July, provides detailed reports on 11 incidents

Marginalised communities live with fear and uncertainty as they face lynching’s, murder, harassment, and public humiliation nationwide.

Madhya Pradesh: Two tribal men assaulted and beaten

The two incidents of violent assault against tribal men occurred last week consecutively in rural Madhya Pradesh. Both incidents involved certain level of humiliation, with one youth assaulted and poured urine on, and another stripped and beaten.

Violence and assault targeting Dalits rock Uttar Pradesh

Two disturbing cases of violence against Dalits surface - one involving a deadly beating over unpaid wages, and another case of rape, extortion, and forced consumption of beef

SabrangIndia Special Report: Adivasi v/s Vanvasi, an identity imposition on India’s indigenous

India's indigenous groups face poverty, violence, discrimination as well as a stringent attempt to appropriate their identity and history.

Dalit youth hung upside down and tortured for alleged goat theft in Telangana

Another instance of Dalit youth being beaten and tortured comes to light. Four people have been arrested in this case.

Indian Institutes of Savarnas: Graveyards for Marginalised Students

Data collected by the APPSC IIT Bombay shows that in 2023 IIT Bombay has denied 80 seats, rightfully for the SC/ST/OBC communities and, despite claims by government, in fact, admitted more savarna[1] students.

Hundreds of women safai karmacharis take part in #StopKillingUs campaign in Delhi

Hundreds of women safai karmacharis gathered at the Jantar...

Why Adivasis Didn’t Celebrate World Tribal Day This Year in Poll-Bound Madhya Pradesh

Tribal groups instead took out protests to express their anger with the Forests Act, growing atrocities in the BJP-ruled state and Manipur violence.


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BJP’s “parallel” IT Cell exposed by Washington Post

Washington Post’s new report highlights how troll accounts that do not have direct association with the BJP have been instrumental in securing electoral victories for the BJP

Haryana: Workers Protest Against Labour Dept’s Decision to Revoke Registration of Their Union at Bellsonica

According to the letter sent by the labour commissioner cum registrar, only permanent workers from the firm can join the union.

India’s Struggle for Social Harmony: Challenges Amidst Surge in Hate Speech

BJP leaders' divisive rhetoric sparks concerns over India's interfaith relations and democracy.

Tragic Incidents Unfold: Fatal attack over ‘Prasad’ consumption and brutal college assault in UP, Police deny ‘communal angle’

A disabled Muslim man was beaten by a mob and reached his fatal end in Delhi’s Sunder Nagri on Tuesday morning, another Muslim was beaten when he had gone to pay his sister’s college fees in Meerat’s NAS College.

Legal advocacy restores citizenship for disabled man facing statelessness

Tajuddin Ali, a disabled man from Assam, was saved from becoming stateless with the help of CJP.

UP: School question paper, on ‘Indian Muslim Terrorism’, calls for India to prepare for war with Pak

The question paper, with arguably partisan presumptions, also said that the government of India must hold talks with Pakistan on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir