Gender and Sexuality

Horrifying instances of rape in MP and Mahrashtra, accused booked under POCSO

Reports of two minors have been raped have emerged from Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain and Mumbai’s Jogeshwari.

RSS ideologues ‘wrong’; Sati wasn’t product of ‘Muslim’ rule, it existed in ancient India too

The biggest ‘Hindu’ organization in the world, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also functions as an exclusive Gurukul where Hindutva cadres are known to be trained in specialised propaganda against minorities, which often turns into sectarian violence. Not without reason, the most prominent ideologue of the RSS, Guru MS Golwalkar who also was the 2nd supremo of the organization, is considered the “guru of hate”.

Hathras Verdict: Justice not delivered

Examining the Hathras verdict's implications on human rights and equality amidst lingering

Did Muslim Invasions Subjugate Hindu Women?

Those who make these claims never explain why, even today, those in power show no interest in empowered Indian women.

Being a Muslim in India 2023 | Ghazala Wahab | Teesta Setalvad

CJP secretary Teesta Setalvad in conversation with Author, Journalist...

Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan under the Taliban

Under Taliban rule, women's rights have been systematically suppressed, suffocating every aspect of their lives.

Dalit academic alleges assault, molestation; FIR names 2 faculty, 2 students: BHU

The complainant is a senior faculty member, reportedly alleged that the accused, including the two colleagues from her department, “regularly talked about stripping her and making her do rounds of the university”.

Unravelling India’s Legal Evolution: LGBTQIA+ Rights and the Supreme Court Handbook

Analysing key judgments and the SC handbook's role in shaping equality and inclusion

Brutal rape and murder of tribal child in MP receives no headlines

A tribal teenager, aged 17, was murdered for allegedly refusing the sexual advances of a dominant caste man in the BJP-ruled state, Madhya Pradesh's Sidhi district.

Undressing the chronicle of shame, stripping women and men of dignity

The record, prototypes & politics behind incidents of stripping & creasing the essence of human dignity.

SC: “Right of every woman to make reproductive choices without undue interference from the state is central to the idea of human dignity”

Rape Survivor allowed termination of pregnancy by Supreme Court; apex court expresses dismay over denial of relief by the Gujarat HC, states forcing a woman to have a child conceived as a result of rape is against the constitutional philosophy set in India


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BJP’s “parallel” IT Cell exposed by Washington Post

Washington Post’s new report highlights how troll accounts that do not have direct association with the BJP have been instrumental in securing electoral victories for the BJP

Haryana: Workers Protest Against Labour Dept’s Decision to Revoke Registration of Their Union at Bellsonica

According to the letter sent by the labour commissioner cum registrar, only permanent workers from the firm can join the union.

India’s Struggle for Social Harmony: Challenges Amidst Surge in Hate Speech

BJP leaders' divisive rhetoric sparks concerns over India's interfaith relations and democracy.

Tragic Incidents Unfold: Fatal attack over ‘Prasad’ consumption and brutal college assault in UP, Police deny ‘communal angle’

A disabled Muslim man was beaten by a mob and reached his fatal end in Delhi’s Sunder Nagri on Tuesday morning, another Muslim was beaten when he had gone to pay his sister’s college fees in Meerat’s NAS College.

Legal advocacy restores citizenship for disabled man facing statelessness

Tajuddin Ali, a disabled man from Assam, was saved from becoming stateless with the help of CJP.

UP: School question paper, on ‘Indian Muslim Terrorism’, calls for India to prepare for war with Pak

The question paper, with arguably partisan presumptions, also said that the government of India must hold talks with Pakistan on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir