Indians root for religious pluralism, farmer protests resonate, 55 % of Indians believe corruption has increased: CSDS-Lok Niti Pre-poll Survey

An overwhelming majority of respondents, as high as 79 %, root for the idea of India, that India belongs to all religions equally, not just Hindus while a staggering 58 % identify with the farmers protests and a significant 55 per cent of Indians believe that corruption has shot up in the past five years. These are the findings of the CSDS-Lokniti 2024 pre-poll survey released on April 11

Hatred towards Muslims will not do any good to us or the nation says Kerala BJP leader C.K. Padmanabhan

Claiming that 'My Hindutva is that of Swami Vivekananda and (Kerala social reformer) Sree Narayana Guru. I don’t need anyone else’s (Hindutva), he adds that, “ Our nation’s strength is our unity and its beauty is our multiculturalism'

The Fire next time: an impassioned plea to the nation for communal sanity

From the archives of Communalism Combat, No. 20, March 1996

Incidents of everyday harmony from Punjab to Lakshadweep Islands

 India’s diverse communities and their aspirations for a diverse and harmonious society is revealed in the multiple events of interfaith harmony organised by citizens from West Bengal to Punjab, and from Lakshadweep to Tamil Nadu.

Reason, emotion and history

First published on: June 10, 2022(In March 1994, as...

Who is afraid of the writings of Babasaheb Ambedkar?

First Published on: January 16, 2016Collected Works sell sans...

Temples should propagate equal respect to all religions: Gandhi on inaugurating Birla Temple

Satyapal Malik, the ex-Governor of many states stated that...

To Rama, Four Lamps i will light today within my heart

This open letter speaks of faith, morality, anguish and history

Bhagat Singh, the Tradition of Martrydom and Hindutva

First published on: MARCH 23, 2016March the 23rd (2016)...

A Fast & Penitence: 72 hours of Love & Sorrow to fellow Muslims, pride in My Moghul heritage

This powerful Video Statement that takes just 36 plus minutes to listen to listen to and just ten minutes to read is real India’s response to what the author, Suranya Aiyar

Heartrending tales of communal harmony amidst polarised times

Narratives of violence and political polarisation are rife in the news, however are all ordinary Indians hostile to interfaith interactions? These incidents remind us that they are not.


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Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma reportedly spent 58 crores of public funds on travel

The report by The Wire has revealed that the chief minister used public funds to hire private flights to BJP meetings as well as various weddings.

Professor VK Tripathi and his pamphlets of hope, social justice and harmony

A 76-year-old retired professor from IIT Delhi distributes leaflets throughout states and districts to teach people about unity and brotherhood while opposing the state's incitement of hatred and division.

Gujarat: Hindu Sena celebrates birthday of Nathuram Godse

The Hindu Sena, which has previously also paid tribute to Queen Victoria, celebrated Godse’s birthday and has vowed to install a statue of him.

National Commission for Women: An instrument of social justice or a mere political mouthpiece?

A look at the past one year shows the emergence of a worrying trend where the NCW has turned a blind eye to issues of sexual violence or shown selective outrage in a bid to protect as well as further the political agenda of the current ruling BJP government

Lok Sabha candidate from Hyderabad writes to Supreme Court requesting it to direct ECI to disclose Form 17C Part 1 data for the first five phases of LS polls

Hyderabad PC candidate Lubna Sarwath has written to the Supreme Court accusing ECI of court contempt as the latter fails to disclose Form 17C Part 1 data for all the five phases till date

How BJP is accused of violating 48 Hours-Silence Period even on Poll Day?

Voters greeted with BJP’s ads in newspapers and social media on poll day despite rules that no political party or candidate or any other organization or person shall publish any advertisement in the print media on poll day and one day prior to poll day that is “Silence Period”

Calcutta High Court slams ECI for inaction, restrains BJP from publishing ads in any form of media

The advertisements of BJP blatantly flouted the Modal Code Conduct: the ECI has grossly failed to address the complaints raised by the petitioner in due time, MCC prohibits criticism based on unverified allegations or distortion – the bench observed.

Udhav Thackeray: Officials deliberately delayed voters

As the fifth phase of voting took place yesterday, Mumbai’s voters reportedly faced long queues at poll booths. Shiva Sena leader Udhav Thackeray has even alleged that the polling booth officials are not letting voters cast their vote.