Hate Speech

The blatant anti-Muslim bias displayed in the Indian parliament is a shame for the country

BJP MP targets a Muslim MP, uses anti-Muslim slurs, calls him “Muslim terrorist and militant” during the Special Session of the Lok Sabha, comments expunged after uproar

Hate surges across Uttarkhand, Karnataka, Delhi, and UP

Sabrang India brings to you a breakdown of the recent hate incidents across the nation

Communally charged speeches continue across North India this week

Hate-laced speeches filled with fake news and exaggerated claims by Hindutva leaders continue across Rajasthan, Haryana, and Chhattisgarh

Hate Speech targeting minorities continue nationwide, from Daman to Delhi

Multiple incidents of derogatory and dehumanising hate speech towards Muslims reported across India.

Far right, Hindutva leaders stoke communal fires across India

Hate speeches and provocative declarations by Hindutva leaders spread communal tensions, as anti-Muslim conspiracy theories and incendiary remarks are repeated in various speeches

Five hate speeches given by Suresh Chavhanke in July, CJP moves NCM

Demanding swift and stern action, complaint highlights the alarming escalation of Chavhanke's divisive agenda and the danger it poses to social harmony

Far right leader calls for “repeating Gujarat 2002 in Karnataka”: Hindu Jagaran Vedike (HJV)

In the town of Bagalkote, Karnataka, a far-right leader's...

CJP escalates complaint against Times Now Navbharat show on Gyanvapi Mosque to NBDSA

The show made contentious, one-sided and misinformed statements regarding the Supreme Court and the ASI Survey of the Gyanvapi Mosque

Independence Day celebrations across India marred by hate-fuelled events

Hate speech targeting Muslims mars celebrations, violent sloganeering at right-wing rallies overshadow unity and heritage.

Supreme Court finds self-regulation of TV to be “ineffective”, will frame stringent laws

CJI Chandrachud: “Unless you make the rules stringent no TV channel has no compulsion to comply. For any violation if there is a lakh penalty then what stops them?"

Tushar Gandhi lodges police complaint against Sambhaji Bhide over insults to Mahatma Gandhi

I will not take any slander against my ancestors said the great grandson of Gandhi after lodging the complaint; Gandhi was accompanied by senior activists


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Far right, Hindutva ideology sparks concerns: tridents and pledges deepen communal divides in India’s Heartland

Tridents as Symbols: Unmasking the Ideological Shift in Rajasthan's Communal Landscape."

No Primetime Segment as anti-Muslim slurs rocked parliament last Thursday

Anti-Muslim slurs against MP in parliament do not make the cut for commercial new media channels (“mainstream media”) even as social media was ablaze with outrage last Friday

Systemic and widespread: Violence against Dalit continues across Indian states

From a remote village in Gujarat to ghastly targeted gender violence in Uttar Pradesh, to what we see as cosmopolitan Kerala, and even Rajasthan, violence against Dalits in various forms continues.

JNU Teachers Allege Academic Erosion; Highlight ‘Arbitrary’ Policies for Recruitment and Promotions

We are seeing that promotions have been denied to our colleagues, whereas some teachers have been given extensions as chairpersons and deans beyond the tenure of a vice-chancellor,” said D K Lobiyal, President of the JNU Teachers’ Association.

Were all Muslims previously Hindus?

The RSS claims that Muslims in India were Hindus historically and seem to make a number of insinuations on the minority. CJP busts the claim for you and the inherent messages loaded here via its Hate Buster segment.

Adivasi Manch Pledges to Fight BJP Govt’s ‘Anti-Tribal’ Policies at National Conference

The fourth conference of the Adivasi Adhikar Rashtriya Manch (AARM) stated that the present government is depriving adivasis of their forest, water, land, education, employment, and even gram sabhas.