Modi 3.0 Govt Deals a Blow to Workers’ Hard-Earned PF/Pension Money: CITU

The central trade union has condemned the recent notification to drastically reduce penalty charges on employers defaulting in payment of EPF, EPS, EDLI contributions.

Swiggy’s tiered insurance scheme for delivery fleet & the inherent nature of the Gig economy

In the name of flexibility and independence, differential insurance slabs come at the expense of workers’ rights and protections. Companies like Swiggy leverage this flexibility to implement performance-based incentives that may inadvertently contribute to a culture of overwork and stress among their workforces; by intervening the Congress ruled governments of Karnataka and Rajasthan (formerly) have shown the way

More education is not translating into jobs: ILO report

A report by the International Labour Organisation has revealed that the more education an Indian youth has, the less likely they are to get employed.

Development project threatens the livelihood of port village in Karnataka

A fact-finding report reveals that the construction of a port in Kasarkod poses dire threats to the livelihoods of local residents and the ecosystem.

SC: Give ration cards to 8 crore migrant/unorganised sector workers within two months

The Supreme Court’s landmark decision on the Right to Food directs that ration cards must be issued irrespective of quotas set under NFSA

What they don’t want you to know: youth protests against Modi government

As farmers’ protests continue to take place and meet brutal state repression, the rest of the country is also not calm and youths across the country are being seen protesting against the central government for basic issues such as employment, paper re-tests, and so forth

NREGA’s ‘slow death’: Continued budget cuts, poor wage rates, technical complexities

Rural workers from several States, participating in a public...

Gujarat: Three years, 714 workers died in industrial accidents admits Minister

Indian Express reports that Congress MLA, Arjun Modhwadia sought 'urgent public attention' to an industrial accident that happened at Onerio Lifecare Private Limited, a pharmaceutical factory, in Vadodara district on January 31 in which three labourers died

Victims of patriarchy, 50% female domestic workers deserted by their husband

Domestic workers are unorganized and mostly unskilled. According to...

Increase in desperation among workers, violence against women, say official data

In the past few years, the central government has made big claims of development for farmers and laborers, but the latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau shows that the reality of these claims is different. According to the latest NCRB data, suicides of farmers and laborers have increased in the country.


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India’s Telecommunications Act notified, ushers in “modernisation”with privacy concerns

Sections 1, 2, 10 to 30, 42 to 44, 46, 47, 50 to 58, 61 and 62 of the Telecommunications Act, 2023 notified

‘Flopped diversionary move’: Modi view on Gandhi popularity during polls

In an interview to ABP on 29th May, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that "in the last 75 years, wasn't it our responsibility to make Mahatma Gandhi known across the world? Forgive me, but nobody knew Mahatma Gandhi till the film on him was released in 1982." 

Abolish ‘discriminatory and imbalanced’ NEET exam: Justice A.K. Rajan Committee 2021

Negative impact on students from rural background, less family income, studying from Tamil-medium; a High-Level Committee headed by the retired judge of Madras High Court and eight others, including central and state government bureaucrats had, in 2021 recommended for the scraping of the NEET exam. Crucially, the report flagged the steep drop in Tamil students from a rural background from 61.5% in 2010-11; metro students recorded an increase instead.

Celebrating Yoga Day After Spewing Venom Against Muslims is Travesty of Yoga

Delivering hate speeches, which Modi did recently, is contrary to the ethos of Yoga and its foundational ideals of truth and non-violence.

Former NRC State Coordinator of Assam urges PM Modi for re-verification of NRC

In the middle of charges of corruption, malpractice, and delays with regards to the NRC process, former state coordinator of the NRC, Assam civil servant Hitesh Dev Sarma, who is said to be close to the BJP, wrote a letter to PM Modi highlighting various irregularities he discovered in the NRC procedure.

Bhima Koregaon Case: Relief for activist as Supreme Court allows for interim bail

NIA argued against bail, court considers exceptional circumstances.

BJP Leader H. Raja urges Tamil Nadu government to reject the one-man committee report

As BJP opposes the one-man committee measures in Tamil Nadu, its stance on hijab ban in Karnataka raises questions about uniformity and inclusivity in policies.