Bangladesh: My solidarity is with students protesting against freedom fighter quota but I can’t Support ‘Merit’ Logic

It is very painful to know that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government is using brute force to suppress the students protesting in the streets and campuses of Bangladesh. Media...

Rahul Gandhi’s Hinduism versus BJP-RSS’s Hindutva

After the mandate of recent Lok sabha elections (2024),...

Modi’s government bypasses SC & Law Commission, no nuanced, strong penal sections on Hate Speech: BNS, 2023

Why did the Modi-led Union Government ignore the Law Commission’s 267 th Report and evolving jurisprudence (judgements of the Supreme Court of India) on crucial suggestions to strengthen laws on Hate Speech?

First week of July saw 3 major telecom companies increase tariff by 10-25% across plans, Congress calls it a case of thriving off “crony...

While Reliance Jio hiked the prices by an average of 20%, Vodafone hiked the tariff price by an average of 16%, and Airtel by 15%; union government clarifies that they will not interfere

Mumbai: Shiv Sena leader granted bail, as son arrested for alleged case of hit and run

Shiva Sena (Eknath Shinde camp) leader Rajesh Shah’s son Mihir Shah has reportedly crashed his BMW into two people, following which the woman was dragged around the wheel of the car for about 1.5 km. Earlier absconding, Mihir Shah has now been arrested by the Mumbai Police.

PIL challenging compulsory use of smart prepaid electricity meters remains pending in HC as Maha govt temporarily puts off decision to mandate pre-paid meters

The petition highlighted the arbitrary way in which the scheme was brought in, the hardships that people will face and taking away the right of the consumer to choose

The Naive Bhole Baba

Bhole Baba whose satsang in Hathras, UP, resulted in...

Why coalition politics is good for democracy

With the help of mainstream media, the Narendra Modi-led...

Celebrating the Spirit of Stan Swamy

When on 5 July 2021, the fascist regime of...

Lok Sabha polls 2024, M’tra: Blow to BJP-NDA, boost for MVA-INDIA

Among the states that savagely cut down the odious Modi-Shah-led BJP regime to size in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections were the two states with the largest number of MPs in the country – Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. Both these states are currently ruled by the BJP.


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Opposition leaders, activists demand suspension of SP, Kolhapur and judicial inquiry into Vishal-gad Kolhapur violence

In letters and memorandum addressed to CM Shinde and authorities, demands to unveil the “mastermind” behind the targeted violence against Muslims have been made, Shakir Tamboli urges to pause the anti-encroachment drive till the rainy season

Post violence follow-up in Gajapur village of Kolhapur shows Muslims families left with no food, shelter or vehicles, activists blame authorities of being mute spectators

Activist Medha Pansare highlights the plight of the women and the presence of police in the violence hit-area, which is not letting people provide aid or speak to the affected families; Activist Shakir Tamboli demands the transfer of SP, under whose charge 2 major incidents of targeted violence against Muslims have taken place

Violence, vandalism and arson in Kolhapur, Muslim houses and mosque targeted by mob that had gathered on the call of former RS MP Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati

Since the past year, Sambhaji Raje had been protesting against “illegal encroachment” on Vishalgarh fort, videos of violent attack show men with saffron flags atop the Mosque with hammers

If malpractice is widespread, across most exam centres, localised analysis will fail to detect anomalies: NTA’s flawed defence

The authors, students of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and IIT-Mumbai critique NTA's data Interpretations on NEET 2024 Irregularities

Maharashtra Special Public Security Bill tabled in assembly, using the myth of “urban naxals” to supress dissent?

CJP dissects the MSPS Bill and its problematic provision, its impact on the citizenry, dangers of having another draconian law in the face of existing BNS, 2023, UAPA, 1967 & PMLA, 2002

“Authorities cannot arbitrarily accuse people of being foreigners or initiate an investigation without a substantial basis” states Supreme Court while reinstating citizenship of a Muslim man

The bench noted that there had been a serious injustice committed by the authorities since the start of the investigation while overturning the decision of the Foreigner's Tribunal and the judgment of the Gauhati High Court that had declared the appellant to be a foreigner.