Hiding the Poor but letting poverty reign- skewed policy on urban poor needs change

The G20 summit and the allied meetings India has been hoisting for the past year saw participation of delegates in various meetings, in various cities of India. Some cities...

Reimagining Ram Rajya: A heartfelt letter to Lord Ram on Unity, Equality, and Compassion

In this seventh reflective letter, the Author explores the nuanced interpretations of Ram Rajya, juxtaposing it with other utopian visions from Indian culture. Through a contemplative dialogue with Lord Ram, the Author navigates the moral complexities surrounding the Ayodhya temple, urging a society grounded in genuine compassion and inclusivity beyond the confines of religious structures. Drawing from poetic visions of harmony and equality, the letter calls to embrace a more egalitarian society, embodying the true spirit of Lord Ram's compassion and justice. It is a plea for introspection and a return to values that foster unity in diversity.

Ghosi Bypoll: Sudhakar Singh’s Victory not Only SP’s Win but INDIA’s too, Says Akhilesh

Over two dozen ministers, along with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, had campaigned for ‘turncoat’ BJP candidate Dara Singh Chauhan.

Serious flaws in the Digital Personal Data Protection Act

The hurriedly passed “Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act violates all accepted norms of privacy and data protection while also bestowing unchecked powers on the union of India

India’s Poor Paid for G20 With Homes and Livelihoods Halted

More people will be left homeless and unemployed than before India decided to host the G20 Summit in Delhi.

J&K’s Keran Valley: An Old Man’s Divided Heart on This Side of the River

Aurangzeb, 85, was left alone when his family migrated during the peak of militancy. He was happy seeing his daughter on the other side, but failing vision has put a stop to that.

Assam eviction drive compels evicted women to take drastic steps

Women were compelled to strip as the second round of eviction in a year was attempted to take place at Silsako, Assam.

The Missing Indian Voter, how many crores of Indians are missing from the electoral rolls?

Indicators and micro studies suggest that from the vast numbers, possibly close to 13 crores of Indians missing from the electoral rolls, a vast percentage are women and significant sections are then Dalits and Muslims

India today has all the markers of a failing democracy. But the situation is not irreversible

Former Delhi high court judge A.P. Shah stated that the rise of illiberal and communal forces in India is made possible, in part, by disillusionment with successive governments and compounded by a legal architecture that is permissive of abuse, and prejudices inherent in society.


  When children lose their innocence To adult warfare About gods and...

Mizoram Bridge Collapse: 18 of 23 dead Bodies of Migrant Labourers Returned to Bengal

Gut-wrenching scenes, as 18 out 23 dead young men from Bengal reach Ratua, Engrejbazaar, and Kalichak villages in Malda.


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Legal advocacy restores citizenship for disabled man facing statelessness

Tajuddin Ali, a disabled man from Assam, was saved from becoming stateless with the help of CJP.

UP: School question paper, on ‘Indian Muslim Terrorism’, calls for India to prepare for war with Pak

The question paper, with arguably partisan presumptions, also said that the government of India must hold talks with Pakistan on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir

Taking the Law into Ones Hand: Unravelling the Disturbing Trend of Vigilantism in India

From religious tensions to far-right ideologies, this report uncovers the factors driving violence and the need for urgent action.

Uttarakhand: Anganwadi Workers Protest for Wage Hike Outside CM Residence in Dehradun

Hundreds gathered from Across Uttarakhand under the banner of Uttrakhand Rajya Anganwadi Workers Union; collectively made their demands to the government in the presence of the media.

Horrifying instances of rape in MP and Mahrashtra, accused booked under POCSO

Reports of two minors have been raped have emerged from Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain and Mumbai’s Jogeshwari.

An open letter to the JNU VC: Your association with RSS defies humanism, anti-colonial struggle for Indian democracy!

This open letter by historian, Shamsul Islam traces the history of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) today stigmatised by the supremacist ideology of practioneers of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)