South Asia

Bangladesh: Nobel laureate, Muhammad Yunus, convicted in Bangladesh Court in labour law case

The 83 year-old, Nobel laureate economist was has been awarded six months of simple or non-rigorous imprisonment. He was, however, immediately granted one-month bail after a furnishing bond of Taka 5,000. 

Bangladeshi Dissenting voice, Shahidul Alam withdraws from KNMA event: NOIDA

“To dismiss a museum employee for made in his individual capacity points to a high-handed way of functioning...” reads an excerpt from the statement issued by "concerned individuals" on Kafila media portal.

Pakistan: Atleast 15 Hindu students left injured after being attacked for celebrating Holi

The incident occurred on Monday at Punjab University's Law College, involvement of the Islami Jamiat Tulba is being alleged

Asma अब भी जिंदा है! (Ab bhi Zinda hai!) Asma is still Alive!

A personal tribute on International Womens Day …. if we in Pakistan can fight our dictators, you should be able to fight your politicians!

What Indian Media Didn’t Tell Us About Faiz Festival in Lahore

Javed Akhtar’s remarks at the event are significant, but not more than the progressive environment the fair provides.

Pakistan Lynching: Muslims Should Call Out Their Own Theology

Those who argue that this is not about Islam are part of the problem; they should be called enablers of such incidents

Cut in WFP funding threatens Rohingyas with hunger, deprivation: Bangladesh

A recent missive by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) which is the world’s largest humanitarian organization spells dire news for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh with the government unsympathetic as ever

Bangladesh: Unidentified persons vandalize 12 temples

The Hindu community maintains that no such attack has ever taken place in the region

University professor, outspoken critic of the Taliban’s ban on education for women and girls arrested in Kabul: Afghanistan

Prof Ismail Mashal was detained on Thursday February 2, while handing out free books.

The case against Adani Group’s power supply project in Bangladesh reaches Calcutta High Court

This case is filed by 30 farmers of Murshidabad and the APDR

Hindu woman found decapitated, maimed in Pakistan

She was also allegedly raped before being murdered and her body was dumped in a wheat field


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Odisha sees bomb hurled at church in Cuttack

A bomb was thrown at the Baptist Church in Cuttack. Although no one was injured, this is second alarming incident of a bomb being hurled at a religous minoity’s site of worship in Odisha, as cases of vigilante violence against religious minorities seem to continue.

FIR filed against relative of winning candidate in mumbai north west election over alleged protocol breach

Police investigate Mangesh Vasant Pandilkar and ENCORE operator for mobile phone usage inside vote-counting centre as election controversy deepens.; close victory margin and allegations of irregularities prompt legal and police scrutiny in highly contested Mumbai constituency.

Legal storm brews: criminal complaint by adv Mehmood Pracha alleges massive election manipulation by ECI and senior BJP leaders

Detailed complaint outlines systematic election manipulation favouring BJP and calls for for investigation due to allegations of EVM tampering and procedural violations.

Suresh Chavhanke, notorious for hate speech, lashes out at the Maharashtra government for allocating funds to minorities

Calling minority funds a ‘return gift’ to those who did ‘vote-jihad’ TV news anchors and notorious hate speech giver, RSS member Sursesh Chavhanke calls out the Maharashtra government led by Eknath Shinde.

Sabarimala age restriction case: Kerala High Court awaits Supreme Court decision

Girl challenged age-based restriction on women entering Sabarimala temple

Vadodara: While refusing to take cognisance of a PIL on report on protests against a Muslim woman allocated a flat under the CM housing scheme, CJI Agarwal stated that the petitioner has a right to petition the court

The Indian Express had reported how 33 residents of a housing complex in Vadodara had objected to a Muslim woman moving in, citing possible ‘threat and nuisance’ due to her presence.

Australian channel’s satirical YouTube video directed to be blocked by union government

A satirical takedown of the ruling government in India by an Australian channel has prompted the government to direct YouTube to take down the video.

Odisha’s First Ever BJP CM’s Track Record

Mohan Majhi’s demand in 2022 for release of the killers of Graham Staine and his children, if implemented, would have harmed the state’s communal harmony.