Lord Ram, in my sixth letter I appeal to your diverse forms

This is the sixth letter in a series: the writer's point is to emphasise the importance of diverse perspectives, critical thinking, and open discourse when portraying Lord Ram and discussing his significance in Hindu culture. The writer criticises the limited perspective in a recently released film and contrasts it with the nuanced portrayal in the Sanskrit play "Uttara Rama Charita." The writer advocates for embracing multiple interpretations of Lord Ram's character, highlighting the dangers of dogmatism and the need for inclusive dialogue to safeguard societal harmony and progress.

Munawar Faruqui case: Co accused Sadakat Khan and Nalin Yadav get bail

MP High Court grants interim bail in light of the top court’s bail order of comedian Munawar Faruqui

Two of Munawar Faruqui’s co-accused get ad-interim bail, two more remain in jail

Artists, writers, filmmakers, performers from across the world, stand in solidarity with Munawar Faruqui, demand dismissal of all charges against him and others

Coming soon! The Right to Laugh: a virtual comedy show

South Asian American comedians stand up for jailed Indian comedian Munawar Faruqui, who remains in jail, to hold online show on February 6

BREAKING: Madhya Pradesh HC rejects comedian Munawar Faruqui’s bail plea

The Single-judge Bench of Justice Rohit Arya noted that there was enough incriminating evidence against the comedian and co performer

Such people must not be spared: MP HC on Munawar Faruqui’s bail plea

The Single-judge Bench of the High court has reserved its orders on the comedian and his co-accused’s bail applications

UP Police submit production warrant for Munawar Faruqui

Warrant submitted before an Indore court to seek custody of the comedian in connection with a case from April 2020

Stand-up comic Faruqui Munawar’s custody extended by two weeks

His bail hearing is expected before the high court soon

Sessions court denies bail to stand-up comic held for ‘insulting’ Hindu deities

A police official, after the arrest was quoted by newspapers saying that there was no incriminating evidence against the comedian

Bakrid and the forced controversy around animal sacrifice

Every year around Bakrid, a new controversy around animal slaughter erupts dampening the festive spirit for the Muslim community

Terrorised by trolls, comedians apologise for hurting religious sentiments

Many comedians reported that their numbers and addresses had been leaked and that they were getting threats to life and that of their families too


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CJP moves Maharashtra Police against the Hateful and Provocative Speech delivered by Kajal Hindustani in Mudkhed, Nanded

During her speech, she propagated fake conspiracy theories about Love Jihad, Land Jihad, religious conversion, and accused Muslim citizens of trapping Hindu girls to convert them to Islam.

CJP flags 8 incidents of hate crime including lynchings to National Commission for Minorities

In its joint complaint dated July 10, CJP listed 8 episodes of gruesome hate crimes committed in the months of June-July to the national body for the minorities asking the latter to take concrete actions

Modi’s government bypasses SC & Law Commission, no nuanced, strong penal sections on Hate Speech: BNS, 2023

Why did the Modi-led Union Government ignore the Law Commission’s 267 th Report and evolving jurisprudence (judgements of the Supreme Court of India) on crucial suggestions to strengthen laws on Hate Speech?

Jharkhand: Another case of mob lynching of Muslim man

30-year-old man named Akhtar Ansari, a father of four, was lynched in Tatisilve, Ranchi and Firooz Qureshi was beaten up by three men in the Shamli district

A Rare Annihilator of Caste

Anand Teltumbde rightly argues for structural changes in the post-Ambedkar anti-caste movements while rising above the present-day “devotional cult”.

Another elderly couple rejoice as their citizenship is restored with CJP’s help

The ailing husband and wife were forced to appear before a Tribunal every month on mere suspicion of being foreigners even though they claimed that due process was never followed in declaring them as suspected foreigners. CJP’s assistance finally helps them restore their citizenship.

First week of July saw 3 major telecom companies increase tariff by 10-25% across plans, Congress calls it a case of thriving off “crony capitalism” under Modi

While Reliance Jio hiked the prices by an average of 20%, Vodafone hiked the tariff price by an average of 16%, and Airtel by 15%; union government clarifies that they will not interfere