Farm and Forest

3 lakh hectares of forest land diverted for non-forest use over 15 years, compensatory afforestation programme a showpiece  

Punjab tops lists of the MoEFCC provided data on divergence of forest land for non-forest use, mining projects account for the highest diversion

Naga groups unite against controversial amendments to forest law (FCA 2023)

Indigenous groups from Nagaland join in to raise concerns over threats to land, forest and biodiversity and urge the state government to use constitutional provisions for Nagaland to prevent its implementation.

Recognising fair compensation for farmers land is a non-negotiable human right: Bombay HC

“Incorporating the Right to Property: Beyond Constitutional and Statutory Bounds, Embracing the Essence of Human Rights as Inalienable Individual Liberties.”

Controversial Forest Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2023 passed by Lok Sabha without any change, all concerns ignored

Bill passed within 30 minutes amid cries of "Shame” and “We want justice” raised by opposition demanding statement on Manipur, “development” to supersede forest rights, landmark Godavarman decision of the Supreme Court on deforestation

Externment orders, atrocities against Burhanpur Adivasis, activists

In continuance of the embittered battle over land and resources, Burhanpur’s Adivasis, entitled under the Forest Rights Act 2006, to lay legal claim on community and forest lands, face a hostile Forest department and an alienated state

Parliamentary Committee Gives Nod to Proposed Dilution of Forest Rights

Proposed amendments to pivotal 1980 law draw objections from forest rights activists and critics as it gains support from parliamentary committee

Supreme Court affirms right of forest inhabitants, prevents it from being limited to recognized communities

The Supreme Court of India broadened the ambit of who can be granted the right to forest rights, cites that certain communities may not have had the documents to come under governmental categories.

#DontStealOurLand, widespread protests break out, district to state, to national: Bhumi Adhikar Andolan

Friday, June 30 saw widespread protests all over India from Haryana to Tamil Nadhu, Sonbhadra, east Uttar Pradesh to Jharkand.

‘Black Day’ Protest against ecological plunder of forests, displacement of indigenous communities: Bhumi Adhikar Andolan

The Bhumi Adhikar Andolan, a decade long platform of mass organisations working on issue of indigenous peoples, farmers rights and ecologiocal protection has called for a nationwide protest against the exploitation of forest lands and the regressive proposed amendments to the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) on Friday, June 30

How a battle is being waged within India’s forests, for rights over land and resources

A real life battle is on in those lands over which forest dwellers and Adivasis ought to have control but where state and corporate interests intrude

Calcutta HC: Even if MGNREGA funds misappropriated, genuine workers need to be compensated

Some MGNREGA workers in the state have not received their rightful wages for 18 months due to a dispute between the Centre and state government


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No Primetime Segment as anti-Muslim slurs rocked parliament last Thursday

Anti-Muslim slurs against MP in parliament do not make the cut for commercial new media channels (“mainstream media”) even as social media was ablaze with outrage last Friday

Systemic and widespread: Violence against Dalit continues across Indian states

From a remote village in Gujarat to ghastly targeted gender violence in Uttar Pradesh, to what we see as cosmopolitan Kerala, and even Rajasthan, violence against Dalits in various forms continues.

JNU Teachers Allege Academic Erosion; Highlight ‘Arbitrary’ Policies for Recruitment and Promotions

We are seeing that promotions have been denied to our colleagues, whereas some teachers have been given extensions as chairpersons and deans beyond the tenure of a vice-chancellor,” said D K Lobiyal, President of the JNU Teachers’ Association.

Were all Muslims previously Hindus?

The RSS claims that Muslims in India were Hindus historically and seem to make a number of insinuations on the minority. CJP busts the claim for you and the inherent messages loaded here via its Hate Buster segment.

Adivasi Manch Pledges to Fight BJP Govt’s ‘Anti-Tribal’ Policies at National Conference

The fourth conference of the Adivasi Adhikar Rashtriya Manch (AARM) stated that the present government is depriving adivasis of their forest, water, land, education, employment, and even gram sabhas.