Manipur Internet Shutdown Hurting Patients: Doctors

IDPD members who visited the state said that they could not help patients through telemedicine and train doctors in performing peritoneal dialysis and other skills.

Protests mount, 12,000 women march on issues of poor ration in PDS, water scarcity, unemployment

AIDWA Organises 12,000-Strong Massive March and Gherao of Palghar District Collectorate in Maharashtra on Wednesday

Suicide is no laughing matter, we have become a sick society, widespread condemnation over PM Modi’s ‘Joke’ on Suicide

At a media event yesterday, PM Modi began his speech with a strange 'joke' bordering on the macabre, which was premised on a young woman's death by suicide. Not only was the ‘joke’ in questionable taste, the fact that it received loud applause from the audience has drawn sharp reactions. The speech was shown on a TV channel and videos of it were uploaded on social media as well.

‘Social Murders” at Kharghar deserve judicial probe, state callousness and negligence evident

The author states that the mega event at the tax payers’ expense that cost at least 13 lives and damaged the health of over 500, is reminiscent of the Hillsborough tragedy in which 97 football fans were killed and many injured during an FA cup semi-final in Sheffield in 1987

11 deaths due to “heat stroke” at Maharashtra govt’s award function

Over 600 complained of heat related illness say reports and several had to be hospitalized due to the same. Reportedly, 20 are still recovering in hospitals, some believed to be critical.

Manual Scavenging continues unabated, Indian Govts turns a deaf ear to acknowledge this systemic, extreme violence

Even as Supreme Court directs governments to meet to discuss implementation of a central law, abolition of manual scavenging, a callous system has a lukewarm response

Rajasthan’s Health Law: An ongoing saga of promises and protests

A worthy first of its kind legislation, loopholes in civil society representation and other issues need to be plugged for complete efficacy

The right to sell meat must give way to public’s right to food safety: Gujarat HC

Meat vendors, meat shop associations and owners had said that the state had failed in discharging its duties with regard to constructing slaughterhouses and dedicated meat markets.

Study Reveals Inequity in PM-JAY Implementation, Fails to Reach Most Vulnerable Sections

Analysis published in Lancet Regional Health shows discrepancy in health insurance utilisation among EWS in India

India behind on poverty, health and gender goals: Independent study

The study, which covers 707 districts, has found that barely a year ago, in 2021, over 75 per cent of the districts were off target on key indicators such as access to basic services, anaemia, poverty, child marriage etc

Maharashtra: COVID warriors to take part in “Chalo Mantralaya Morcha” demanding jobs and allowance

The workers union has given a call to march to Mantralaya on March 2 to get a redressal for their demands


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Far right, Hindutva ideology sparks concerns: tridents and pledges deepen communal divides in India’s Heartland

Tridents as Symbols: Unmasking the Ideological Shift in Rajasthan's Communal Landscape."

No Primetime Segment as anti-Muslim slurs rocked parliament last Thursday

Anti-Muslim slurs against MP in parliament do not make the cut for commercial new media channels (“mainstream media”) even as social media was ablaze with outrage last Friday

Systemic and widespread: Violence against Dalit continues across Indian states

From a remote village in Gujarat to ghastly targeted gender violence in Uttar Pradesh, to what we see as cosmopolitan Kerala, and even Rajasthan, violence against Dalits in various forms continues.

JNU Teachers Allege Academic Erosion; Highlight ‘Arbitrary’ Policies for Recruitment and Promotions

We are seeing that promotions have been denied to our colleagues, whereas some teachers have been given extensions as chairpersons and deans beyond the tenure of a vice-chancellor,” said D K Lobiyal, President of the JNU Teachers’ Association.

Were all Muslims previously Hindus?

The RSS claims that Muslims in India were Hindus historically and seem to make a number of insinuations on the minority. CJP busts the claim for you and the inherent messages loaded here via its Hate Buster segment.

Adivasi Manch Pledges to Fight BJP Govt’s ‘Anti-Tribal’ Policies at National Conference

The fourth conference of the Adivasi Adhikar Rashtriya Manch (AARM) stated that the present government is depriving adivasis of their forest, water, land, education, employment, and even gram sabhas.