Dismantling caste in education: Tamil Nadu’s attempt at tackling discrimination

Report calls for administrative reforms, teacher training, and combating caste violence to ensure equal opportunity for all students.

NEET 2024 Row: Supreme Court cancels grace marks, orders re-test for affected students

Second chance or setback? NEET re-test for some, counselling on track

Rich Heritage but Poor Plight of Bishnupur’s Baluchari Silk Artisans

Most cooperatives set up during Left rule have closed. At present, about 15,000 people are involved in Baluchari saree-making, a majority whom work as daily wage labourers, as they do not own looms.

Students, organisations protest as allegations against NEET examinations pile up

Protestors took Delhi, Kanpur and Bhopal, by storm with student organisations, opposition youth wings, taking to protest against the allegations of malpractice levelled against the NEET.

Free And Fearless Journalism In A Fight For Survival

“The top ten countries to jail journalists were China, Myanmar, Belarus, Russia, Vietnam, Iran and Israel (tied for the sixth position), Eritrea, Egypt and Turkey.”

Scrutinising the procedure for awarding compensatory marks in NEET 2024

The results for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test...

Kerala: BJP activists attack MediaOne TV headquarters during victory celebrations

Reports have risen of BJP workers attacking Media One office in Calicut after their sole victory in Kerala’s Thrissur. This is not the first time the media organisation has been targeted, in 2022 the central government had decided to ban the channel.

Elections Stories I missed in the newspapers that I buy

In his priceless ruminations throughout the 18th Lok Sabha polls the senior journalist brings us to us the shadows and silences by the “commercial” (“mainstream”) media during the coverage of the recent elections

Nehru’s Prescient Words During 1st General Elections Resonate Today

On India’s first PM’s 60th death anniversary today, amid a polarising election campaign, his utterances on upholding the Constitution and defeating communal forces resound.

2015 FTII protest headliner Payal Kapadia wins the Grand Prix award for her directorial debut in ‘All We Imagine as Light’

While there is an outpouring of congratulations for Kapadia on her win, many are reminding her of the disciplinary action taken against her by the FTII after the protest, which resulted in her losing a scholarship of 22,000 and a foreign exchange opportunity. Additionally, there was a smear campaign labelling her as "anti-national."

Mumbai college bans hijab, demands students wear ‘decent’ clothes

After the junior college banned the burqa and implemented a uniform in August 2023, the Acharya Marathe College once again demanded a ban on burqa and other clothes. Students have written to the administration and human rights commissions and demanded their rights not be violated.


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Students challenge Hijab ban, college defends secular dress code – Bombay HC to rule on June 26th

Court to decide between freedom of religion and “secularism”

Dismantling caste in education: Tamil Nadu’s attempt at tackling discrimination

Report calls for administrative reforms, teacher training, and combating caste violence to ensure equal opportunity for all students.

Citizens’ appeal to Narmada Control Authority (NCA): Rehabilitate and protect oustees

Urging that the reservoir levels of the Sardar Sarivar be maintained at 122 metres, hundreds of concerned citizens have petitioned the NCA and the GOI with pressing demands even as the indefinite fast by Medha Patkar, social activist enters the fifth day

Tension flare as mob alleges cow slaughter in Mumbai, Himachal Pradesh too witnesses similar mob action

Mumbai’s Naya Nagar saw a tense situation after a mob gathered around a truck alleged of carrying cow meat a day after Eid. Himachal Pradesh witnessed a Muslim man’s shop being looted and destroyed, reportedly because the man had made a post of animal slaughter on the day of Eid.

SC asks NTA to ensure that even ‘0.001% negligence’ is investigated, while states of Bihar & Gujarat remain the epicentre of the NEET UG 2024 scandal

Supreme Court bench also urged the NTA to act proactively, admit if there is any mistake to re-instil the confidence of the public in the NEET examinations; AAP and Congress continue with protests

Four days after BJP government sworn in, Odisha witnesses communal violence, internet ban imposed, journalists barred from reporting

Just four days after the BJP government was sworn in, Odisha’s Balasore witnessed two incidents of communal violence on the day of Bakri Eid after right-wing activists allegedly accused Muslims of “cow slaughter.” A huge police force has been deployed in the area and the internet was also suspended, as entry and exit routes were closed except for emergencies. As per reports, journalists have also been reportedly prevented from entering the area.

Set aside SIA of ‘unsustainable development projects in Nicobar’: Over 100 former civil servants to President Murmu, GOI

The Constitutional Conduct Group (CCG) consisting of former civil servants have in separate communications to President, Draupadi Murmi, the MHA, NCST and the Director, social Welfare, Andaman and Nicobar Islands urged a credible Social Impact Assessment (SIA) that factors in the impact of such unbridled ‘development’ on the Tribal Reserve in Greater Nicobar and its vulnerable tribal groups