Rich Heritage but Poor Plight of Bishnupur’s Baluchari Silk Artisans

Most cooperatives set up during Left rule have closed. At present, about 15,000 people are involved in Baluchari saree-making, a majority whom work as daily wage labourers, as they do not own looms.

Incidents of everyday harmony from Punjab to Lakshadweep Islands

 India’s diverse communities and their aspirations for a diverse and harmonious society is revealed in the multiple events of interfaith harmony organised by citizens from West Bengal to Punjab, and from Lakshadweep to Tamil Nadu.

The sound of music

This was an exclusive in depth interview done in 2008, 16 years ago with the indomitable Ameen Sayani who passed on February 20,2024 at the ripe old age of 91. Teesta Setalvad speaks to Ameen Sayani about the 4 decades old journey in politics, music and life with nuggets of India’s freedom struggle in which Sayani’s mother was a close associate of Gandhiji. A product of the New Era school Mumbai, Sayani’s is a tale more precious in the re-telling

Light a Lamp to rescue Plural India: An Urdu Story, “Diya Baati Ki Bela”, by Zakiya Mashhadi

The author has not been awarded the Urdu Sahitya Academy’s award, possibly because the story harks back to a reality that rulers want Indians to obliterate, and forget

Reason, emotion and history

First published on: June 10, 2022(In March 1994, as...

Muzaffar Ali and his English language autobiography, Zikr:  hope for a beleaguered India?

The author, a History professor at AMU, writes on the discussion that took place at the prestigious university last week, on January 25 and 6, 2024 with young students faced with the divisive politics of today

Bhagat Singh, the Tradition of Martrydom and Hindutva

First published on: MARCH 23, 2016March the 23rd (2016)...

A Fast & Penitence: 72 hours of Love & Sorrow to fellow Muslims, pride in My Moghul heritage

This powerful Video Statement that takes just 36 plus minutes to listen to listen to and just ten minutes to read is real India’s response to what the author, Suranya Aiyar

Roots of the Knowledge Tree

What some of us have learnt from BN Goswamy

Three hundred Ramayans

The epic story’s spectacular journey through the ages: An extract from The Collected Essays of AK Ramanujan

Meeras Mahal: A Journey Through Kashmir’s Timeless Heritage

SOPORE: In a picturesque corner of north Kashmir’s Sopore...


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Post violence follow-up in Gajapur village of Kolhapur shows Muslims families left with no food, shelter or vehicles, activists blame authorities of being mute spectators

Activist Medha Pansare highlights the plight of the women and the presence of police in the violence hit-area, which is not letting people provide aid or speak to the affected families; Activist Shakir Tamboli demands the transfer of SP, under whose charge 2 major incidents of targeted violence against Muslims have taken place

Violence, vandalism and arson in Kolhapur, Muslim houses and mosque targeted by mob that had gathered on the call of former RS MP Sambhaji Raje Chhatrapati

Since the past year, Sambhaji Raje had been protesting against “illegal encroachment” on Vishalgarh fort, videos of violent attack show men with saffron flags atop the Mosque with hammers

If malpractice is widespread, across most exam centres, localised analysis will fail to detect anomalies: NTA’s flawed defence

The authors, students of Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and IIT-Mumbai critique NTA's data Interpretations on NEET 2024 Irregularities

Maharashtra Special Public Security Bill tabled in assembly, using the myth of “urban naxals” to supress dissent?

CJP dissects the MSPS Bill and its problematic provision, its impact on the citizenry, dangers of having another draconian law in the face of existing BNS, 2023, UAPA, 1967 & PMLA, 2002

“Authorities cannot arbitrarily accuse people of being foreigners or initiate an investigation without a substantial basis” states Supreme Court while reinstating citizenship of a Muslim man

The bench noted that there had been a serious injustice committed by the authorities since the start of the investigation while overturning the decision of the Foreigner's Tribunal and the judgment of the Gauhati High Court that had declared the appellant to be a foreigner.