Nalanda Mahavihar: Did Bakhtiar Khilji Destroy it?

The campus of Nalnda was inaugurated formally by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 19th June (2024) in presence of Ambassadors of many countries like Myanmar, Srilanka, Vietnam, Japan, Korea...

Fiction as history and history honestly portrayed: a tale of two films and a documentary

In India today, fiction is being peddled as history. What’s tragic is that most Indians are falling for such propaganda. There has been a spate of motivated films financed and promoted by the Sangh Parivar, starting with the ‘Kashmir Files’ to the latest ‘Swatantra Veer Savarkar’.

Congress Radio, the power of revolutionary change: Lessons from ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’, the film

Usha Mehta, a fiery satyagrahi, mesmerised by Gandhi, is the protagonist of this timely film; she with her two young colleagues, conceived and ran the underground ‘Congress Radio’ from Mumbai to both inform and unite fellow Indians left leaderless after the British crackdown on the Congress leadership following the historic quit India Rally at Gowalia Tank on August 8, 1942; “Karo Ya Maro” (Do or Die) was the powerful cry from the Indian people that day and Congress Radio, epitomises this unique contribution to the freedom struggle; it re-ignited the ‘Quit India Movement’ that challenged the oppressive British regime

Films building up  a majoritarian narrative: Swatantraveer Savarkar

Films are a very powerful medium which create a social understanding...

A Tiny Book that Captures Powerful Idea(s) of India

Two internationally renowned public intellectuals, historian Romila Thapar and literary theorist Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak met in 2017 and conversed about The idea of India and how it has evolved historically. The conversation was published as a book, seven years later in 2024. Writer and academic Zahira Rahman reviews the book highlighting its insights and historical relevance.

When The Marathas Came To Jammu?

How war-wearied Maratha soldiers embraced Duggarland and made it their home?

Uncovering Historical Truths: Were the Mughals anti-Hindu?

Fact-Checking claims with Citizens for Peace and Justice to debunk myths: Did the 'Anti-Hindu Mughals' destroy temples in Azerbaijan?

The Fire next time: an impassioned plea to the nation for communal sanity

From the archives of Communalism Combat, No. 20, March 1996

Speak aloud about injustices: Women leaders recall Rani Chennamma’s fight for freedom

Ending month-long campaign in order to celebrate the legacy...


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Behind the BJP’s move to lift the 58-year-old ban on the participation of central government officials in RSS activities

The order allowing government officials' participation in RSS activities was released on July 9 by the Department of Personnel and Training, which falls directly under PM Modi, opposition leaders deem the same to be Modi government’s efforts to take control over constitutional bodies and work its way in through the backdoor, tampering with the Constitution

Delhi High Court transfers to CBI the case involving Delhi violence victim Faizan who was attacked by the mob in police uniform and forced to sing National Anthem

The court came down heavily on the Delhi Police and said that the investigation does not inspire confidence as it has done “too-little” and “too-late”; it further remarked that “custodians of the law…seemed to have been driven by bigoted mindsets”

Vote for Democracy (VFD) releases report on the conduct of General Election 2024

The report highlights the alleged malpractices occurred during the Lok Sabha elections 2024 and provides statistical insights into vote hikes and numerical discrepancies in recorded votes

Supreme Court stays directive of state forcing food sellers along Kanwar Yatra to display names, states authorities cannot usurp power without legal foundation

After issuing notices to the state of UP, Uttarakhand and MP, the Court asked the food sellers to display the kind of food being served as Kanwariyas may have dietary preferences

United Christian Forum submits detailed memorandum to Minority Affairs minister Kiren Rijiju highlighting targeted violence against Christian Community; demands repeal of anti-conversion laws

The memorandum notes that while on the one hand the community is targeted by fringe elements on the claims of fraudulent conversion, on the other hand the police has been hand-in-glove with right-wing forces and mute spectator in cases involving violence against Christian community