The Significance of Male Reformist Ijtihad on Gender Issues in Advancing Gender Affirmative Interpretations of Islam

Historically, Gender-Affirmative Interpretations Were Often Dismissed By Conservative-Minded Male Scholars As Feminist Or Subjective Products Of Female Identity. However, Male Reformist Scholars Challenge This Narrative By Providing A Male Perspective On Gender Equality Within Islam.

Job ad for temple seeks Brahmins only!

The Kerala Devaswom Recruitment Board released an ad for the job of a cook which had the eligibility requirement to be Brahmin.

Caste, the cancer afflicting Sanatan Dharma

“I consider the four divisions alone to be fundamental,...

When I hear bloodthirsty slogans of ‘Jai Sri Ram,’ I remember Fr Camille’s ‘Ram Katha’

As the fringe slogans  'Jai Sri Ram' while ransacking shops & houses disrespecting the name of Sri Ram, I hear...

A New Campaign Against Ahmadiyya Community Gains Ground in India

After Andhra Pradesh Wakf Board, Jamiat Ulema Hind Declares Ahmadis Kafirs

Hindu temples & their economic worth, VHP-backed ‘Know your temple’ initiative

That Hindu temples from time immemorial have been gifted societal wealth from the faithful is well known. Now, the VHP-backed Akhil Bharatiya Sant Samiti general sec, has said that India's Hindu temples hold 22,000 tonnes of gold and provide employment to crores of people; the body has been demanding loosening of govt control over temples since 2016

Eid-al-Azha: Jurisprudence on animal sacrifice, maintaining balance between customs & harmony

Even as the Courts have refused to entertain pleas on animal sacrifice, how necessary is it that we inclusively question its relevance in today’s world?

Environment is impacted by Bakri Eid but is the outrage selective?

There is no defending the cruelty of mass sacrifices of goats during Bakri Id in public places but speaking of environmental concerns, is people’s outrage conveniently targeting only religious practices be it of any religion?

Lord Ram, in my sixth letter I appeal to your diverse forms

This is the sixth letter in a series: the writer's point is to emphasise the importance of diverse perspectives, critical thinking, and open discourse when portraying Lord Ram and discussing his significance in Hindu culture. The writer criticises the limited perspective in a recently released film and contrasts it with the nuanced portrayal in the Sanskrit play "Uttara Rama Charita." The writer advocates for embracing multiple interpretations of Lord Ram's character, highlighting the dangers of dogmatism and the need for inclusive dialogue to safeguard societal harmony and progress.

The Implementation of a Uniform Civil Code

IntroductionCurrently, within the existing legal framework, there exists no...

Why India’s society and politics need both the strength and gentleness of a Hanuman

What the writer, Rajni Bakshi, founder of the YouTube series shares in this telling account is that reaching out to those who appear to be on the “other side” may breach the overwhelming narrative about society’s polarisation


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Odisha sees bomb hurled at church in Cuttack

A bomb was thrown at the Baptist Church in Cuttack. Although no one was injured, this is second alarming incident of a bomb being hurled at a religous minoity’s site of worship in Odisha, as cases of vigilante violence against religious minorities seem to continue.

FIR filed against relative of winning candidate in mumbai north west election over alleged protocol breach

Police investigate Mangesh Vasant Pandilkar and ENCORE operator for mobile phone usage inside vote-counting centre as election controversy deepens.; close victory margin and allegations of irregularities prompt legal and police scrutiny in highly contested Mumbai constituency.

Legal storm brews: criminal complaint by adv Mehmood Pracha alleges massive election manipulation by ECI and senior BJP leaders

Detailed complaint outlines systematic election manipulation favouring BJP and calls for for investigation due to allegations of EVM tampering and procedural violations.

Suresh Chavhanke, notorious for hate speech, lashes out at the Maharashtra government for allocating funds to minorities

Calling minority funds a ‘return gift’ to those who did ‘vote-jihad’ TV news anchors and notorious hate speech giver, RSS member Sursesh Chavhanke calls out the Maharashtra government led by Eknath Shinde.

Sabarimala age restriction case: Kerala High Court awaits Supreme Court decision

Girl challenged age-based restriction on women entering Sabarimala temple

Vadodara: While refusing to take cognisance of a PIL on report on protests against a Muslim woman allocated a flat under the CM housing scheme, CJI Agarwal stated that the petitioner has a right to petition the court

The Indian Express had reported how 33 residents of a housing complex in Vadodara had objected to a Muslim woman moving in, citing possible ‘threat and nuisance’ due to her presence.

Australian channel’s satirical YouTube video directed to be blocked by union government

A satirical takedown of the ruling government in India by an Australian channel has prompted the government to direct YouTube to take down the video.

Odisha’s First Ever BJP CM’s Track Record

Mohan Majhi’s demand in 2022 for release of the killers of Graham Staine and his children, if implemented, would have harmed the state’s communal harmony.