Manipur under shutdown as tribal organisations assert bias

Certain districts in Manipur witness complete shutdown as CBI arrested over 5 accused and allegations of arbitrary and "hasty" arrests flare

Dalit youth hung upside down and tortured for alleged goat theft in Telangana

Another instance of Dalit youth being beaten and tortured comes to light. Four people have been arrested in this case.

UN human rights experts express alarm at Manipur violence, India disagrees

The eighteen experts, almost all of whom are special rapporteurs working with the UN Human Rights Council, have made note of the fact-finding missions to Manipur are being harassed for their work documenting rights violations

2 Meitei lawyers representing Kuki Professor Hausing targeted by mob, houses and chambers vandalised in retaliation attack

A day before the attack, 4 lawyers assisting in case against Professor Huasing had withdrawn their names from the case citing “personal difficulties”, they told Hindustan Times that they withdrew names to protect the feelings of the members of the Meitei community

Continued Surge of Violence against Dalits Spans Maharashtra to Tamil Nadu

Dalit boy and grandmother assaulted in Nanguneveli, Karur, Dalit women attacked in Satara, two more Dalits dead in Rajasthan, as violence against Dalits continues.

Violence against Dalits refuses to curb, the families of the victims protest

Unrelenting violence against Dalits continues as justice remains difficult, highlights urgent need for change

Stark abdication by an absent state, paucity of basic necessities & poor, unhygienic conditions in relief camps: Manipur

A team of Karwan-e-Mohabbat visited five relief camps to assess the humanitarian crisis and highlight the suffering and demands of the internally displaced in Manipur; report makes recommendations for state and union governments and citizens groups to step forward to heal the wounds inflicted

No evidence of religious violence in Manipur’: US-based right-wing think tank

Dismissive of any “evidence of religion-based violence in Manipur”, a US-based India-centric, clearly right-wing think tank has said in a report, listing historical baggage, inter-tribes distrust, fear of economic impacts, drugs and insurgency among the factors responsible. Taking this denial further, the report has not ruled out “foreign interference” behind the conflict

SC-Appointed Panel Calls for Reconstruction of Lost Documents, Compensation Scheme: Manipur

'The first of the three reports submitted by the committee highlights the loss of essential documentation of the residents of Manipur who have been dishoused...'

Manipur Violence: Biggest Barrier to Justice is CM Biren Singh, Says AIDWA Team After Visit

Peace is deeply linked to justice in strife-torn Manipur, said members of the women’s organisation.

“Who gains? Who loses?”- An interim report on Manipur violence, resilience, relief and rehabilitation

A team of four women – Syeda Hameed, Roshmi Goswami, Jarjum G Ete, and Angela Rangad – published this report to amplify the voices of Manipur violence survivors and victims.


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Caste Census Survey Result: 63% OBCs, 19% SCs and 1.68% STs constitute Bihar’s total population

CM Nitish Kumar, Lalu Yadav called it a “historical moment” while opposition term it as an “eye wash”; demands raised for nation-wide caste census

Manipur under shutdown as tribal organisations assert bias

Certain districts in Manipur witness complete shutdown as CBI arrested over 5 accused and allegations of arbitrary and "hasty" arrests flare

Odisha: Dongria Kondh Tribals Take on Corporate Goliaths to Save Forests

The Forest Conservation Amendment Act 2023 and the Forest Conservation Rules 2022 have opened the floodgates for massive deforestation.

The slow but sure marginalisation of Nuh’s Meo Muslims: a report

Part one of the Nuh fact finding report, Anatomy of Violence in the Hithero peaceful Nuh, undertaken by the Centre for the Study of Society and Secularism,

Kerala: Railways, Electricity Employees Convention Calls for Campaign Against Privatisation

While the railways face the threat of being divided into production, regulation and operation, the power sector faces a similar challenge of being trifurcated into generation, transmission and distribution.

Right wing Hindutva supporters storm into Catholic school in MP

 As violence against minorities grows in thee country, a school in MP saw a protest in the form of a ruckus organised by Hindutva supports demanding action against the school.

Young students recuperating from deadly pellet gun injuries as Manipur once again witnessed brutal unrest

Crackdown on protests rock Manipur as death of two students missing since July is confirmed by authorities. Reports of pellet guns being used also surfaced.

BJP’s “parallel” IT Cell exposed by Washington Post

Washington Post’s new report highlights how troll accounts that do not have direct association with the BJP have been instrumental in securing electoral victories for the BJP