Report card: BJP and crimes against women

The BJP’s track record on women issues has not been great in the past, especially on cases of violence against women. As Prajwal Revanna, MP from Karnataka in alliance with the BJP, seems to evade justice, Sabrang India takes a look at BJP’s past record with crimes against women.

Surat man, arrested for false accusations of “posing as Hindu to marry” acquitted by court

In August 2021, 19 year old Pooja Sahu had claimed that she stumbled upon the Aadhaar card of her husband and found that he was a Muslim. This was followed by frequent fights between the couple.

West Bengal: Muslim woman’s posthumous organ donation brings hope to numerous lives

The 58-year-old organ donor left an enduring impact on multiple families by becoming the region's pioneer in posthumous organ donation, transforming lives in the process

Karnataka: Hijab-wearing candidates permitted to appear for recruitment examinations conducted by state

State education minister M.C. Sudhakar stands by the decision of the state in the face of opposition by Hindutva groups, states that any restriction imposed on attire would amount to an infringement of the rights of individuals

Adivasi woman assaulted, stripped by men, BJP MLC’s wife book amongst 3 others

A harrowing incident of assault of an Adivasi woman took place on October 15 where reportedly three associates of the local BJP MLC's wife came and harassed the woman on grounds of the fact that she refused to vacate the land. BJP MLC Suresh Dhas has previously been implicated in a land grabbing accusations as well.

Standing Strong: CJP aids Dalit woman labelled as ‘Doubtful Citizen’

Marginalised, struck with poverty, Assam woman from a Dalit community on the verge of despair as citizenship crisis looms over her

Assam eviction drive compels evicted women to take drastic steps

Women were compelled to strip as the second round of eviction in a year was attempted to take place at Silsako, Assam.

Sky is the Limit: Invaluable contribution made by women scientist in moon mission

Chandrayan 3 a success due to Ritu Karidhal Srivastava, Kalpana K., and many other women scientists, symbolises India's space prowess and the growing role of women in space exploration, paves way for young minds

Protecting Human Rights of the Most Deprived People

Rajaram Ka Purva is a most neglected rural hamlet...

SC on Manipur violence: “What stood in the way of police registering the FIR immediately on May 4?”

Bench demands details of the FIRs filed in the state, expressed surprise that the State does not have the facts in its possession; petitioners demand formulation of SIT, vehemently against CBI investigation of cases


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“Authorities cannot arbitrarily accuse people of being foreigners or initiate an investigation without a substantial basis” states Supreme Court while reinstating citizenship of a Muslim man

The bench noted that there had been a serious injustice committed by the authorities since the start of the investigation while overturning the decision of the Foreigner's Tribunal and the judgment of the Gauhati High Court that had declared the appellant to be a foreigner.

Uttarakhand: Local leader alleges shots fired by BJP workers as Muslim voters beaten when they went to vote

During a by-election in Manglaur, Uttarakhand, several Muslim voters were reportedly injured and prevented after violence took place on July 10. Locals have alleged that BJP workers came and threatened Muslims, and even shot rounds. Police have denied that shots were fired, and have called it a clash.

CJP moves Maharashtra Police against the Hateful and Provocative Speech delivered by Kajal Hindustani in Mudkhed, Nanded

During her speech, she propagated fake conspiracy theories about Love Jihad, Land Jihad, religious conversion, and accused Muslim citizens of trapping Hindu girls to convert them to Islam.

CJP flags 8 incidents of hate crime including lynchings to National Commission for Minorities

In its joint complaint dated July 10, CJP listed 8 episodes of gruesome hate crimes committed in the months of June-July to the national body for the minorities asking the latter to take concrete actions

Modi’s government bypasses SC & Law Commission, no nuanced, strong penal sections on Hate Speech: BNS, 2023

Why did the Modi-led Union Government ignore the Law Commission’s 267 th Report and evolving jurisprudence (judgements of the Supreme Court of India) on crucial suggestions to strengthen laws on Hate Speech?