A Christmas Message for We the People


#Hum Hindu Hain #Hum Mussalman Hain #Hum Christian Hain

#Hum Baudh Hain # Hum Sikh Hain #Hum Parsi Hain #Hum Jain Hain

#Hum Yehudi Hain

To all our fellow citizens, sisters and brothers and others of all faiths, orientations, ethnicities, creeds, languages,

This message comes to you from many of us who want you to know that we too will join you in celebrating the Birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. We are saddened to read of anti national elements, who are leading mobs to attack houses of worship, and people who follow a certain faith across the country. The attacks on Churches and Pastors, be it in Karnataka or elsewhere,  is against the true spirit and idea of India.

Let us remember the Preamble of the Constitution of India that assures us of Justice,

Liberty of thought, belief, faith, expression, and worship

Equality and Fraternity

Never forget Article 25 of the Indian Constitution

“all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right to freely profess, practice, and propagate religion subject to public order and health.”

Please celebrate Christmas 2021 in  your homes, your neighbourhoods, with friends and neighbours, light up a star – or a Xmas tree – and share the spirit of service, love and forgiveness – whether or not you follow the Christian faith.

This land is your land – this land is my land – it belongs to us –  the people of India – who have respected and celebrated festivals and beliefs of every religion and culture over centuries. Let us keep it that way ….

Vasudaiva Kutambakkam – the world is one family!


Ramu and Lalita Ramdas – Alibag Maharashtra



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