Citizens Protest Cow Vigilantism

Citizens from Rajasthan and Delhi came together to protest against the grotesque murder of Pehlu Khan at the hands of cow vigilantes last week. The 55-year old dairy farmer was returning from a cattle fair in Rajasthan to his home in village Jaisinghpura, on the Haryana-Rajasthan border, with milch cows that he had bought, when his vehicle was stopped by the men on motorcycles. He was killed while his son with him, and others in another vehicle behind, were beaten unconscious by the mob. The dairy farmer had full proof documentation of the purchase.
On April 10, in Jaipur, protestors lit candles in protest and shouted slogans, “Pehlu Khan hum sharminda hain”, “Gaye to Bahana hai, hinsa nafrat phalaana hai”.  A
video of the protest can be seen here:

Meanwhile, In Delhi Khudai Khidmatgar, a social Organisation organised a condolence meeting and a candle vigil in front of Gandhi Samadhi, Rajghat, New Delhi, for the brutal killing of Pehlu Khan, as well as of a 20 year old youth , Mohammad Shalik who was lynched for being in love with a Hindu girl in the same town.

The photographs below capture the sombre mood as citizens march against the goonda raj of ‘gau rakshaks’.




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