CJP complains against Suresh Chavhanke for Sangamner hate speech

Chavhanke has made several baseless claims and attempted to provoke Muslim women to marry Hindu men; the complaint has been sent to SP Ahmednagar and Police Inspector

On June 12, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) filed a complaint to the concerned authorities for the speech and twitter posts by Suresh Chavhanke.

In the said complaint, CJP had highlighted the communal and inciteful speech delivered by Chavhanke. He told the audience about “benefits” for Muslim women marrying Hindu men like no talaq (divorce), no circumcision of children, only one wife, no “hum chaar humare chawalees” [four of us and 44 children], among others.

Before the said event, he had also posted videos on twitter asking people to attend his event. One was posted on June 4 from the Red Fort in which he can be seen and heard saying that he wants to stop the “Islamification” of Sangamner. He can be further heard saying, “The state of affairs in Sangamner is quite bad because the city is turning ‘green’, there is Love jihad happening against Hindu girls and Hindus are walking in fear on the streets”.

In the next video, posted on June 5 titled, किसी भी हाल में संगमनेर का भगवा मोर्चा होगा ही। सरकार से सहयोग अपेक्षित [The saffron march is going to happen at any cost and we expect

cooperation from the Government”.]

He can be heard saying,

“I have seen some WhatsApp forwards saying that we do not have police permission for our rally. But this is a rumour. Basically we do not need permission for such events. When they molest our sisters, they do not take permission. So we do not need permission to speak up against this. The morcha will happen at any cost.”

He posted both the videos from his personal account.

At the event, he also made a baseless claim that, “Ever since I have shown the benefits of marrying Hindu men, 10 lakh Muslim women have married Hindu men.”

CJP could only access a snippet of his speech. In the rest of the speech, it is assumed that he must have made more provoking and hateful statements.

After the event, a mob carrying saffron flags and wearing saffron caps was seen entering an eatery called ‘Hotel Lucky’. They were also shouting the slogans of “Jai Bhawani, Jai Shivaji.” Another video shows the place completely ransacked. A third video (though unclear if it is from Sangmner or not) shows a mob of around 20 men pelting stones even with the police around.

CJP also highlighted that they have actively reached out to the district and state authorities as well with respect to taking action against Chavhanke. On February 06, 2023 CJP also filed a complaint to the Ahmednagar SP and the DGP of Maharashtra regarding his Islamophobic and hate filled speech in which he also targeted the Supreme Court and the Delhi Police.

On May 19, 2023 CJP complained to Police Inspector Shrirampur and SP Ahmednagar regarding his hate speech at an event organized by Rashtriya Shri Ram Sangh where he used Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in his instigating speech.

In September, 2022 CJP had also complained to the National Commission for Minorities for his

Islamophobic remarks at a rally on September 04, in Haryana. In the said speech, he was instigating Muslim women to marry Hindu men. He shared several advantages of marrying Hindu men like no circumcision for the kids, they won’t have to face talaq, they will become baby factories among others.

CJP also mentioned previous instances of hate speech by Chavhanke in  Ahmednagar and Nashik between January ‘23 and May ‘23. Through the speeches highlighted CJP has sought swift action against Chavhanke. He tops all the hate speeches that have been delivered in Maharashtra. The complaint states that,

“the utterances [of these speeches] also amount to an act which is prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different groups and is likely to disturb public tranquility. Moreover, such open intimidation and hate-filled statements only makes the targeted group more vulnerable to violent Acts. Additionally, after his June 2023 speech, the effects of such communal speeches were seen in Sangamner.”

CJP urged that the speeches delivered by Chavhanke be acted upon and criminal charges be framed against him for making such statements that can affect the lives of the minorities in our country, and threaten the social harmony in general.

The entire complaint may be read here:



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