CJP petitions NCM against arms training camps, weapon distribution events in Assam and Rajasthan

Complaint flags IPC violations, arms act breaches, and concerns for public safety & inter-community relations

On August 10, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) filed a complaint with the National Commission for Minority (NCM) urging the authorities to take strict and prompt action against the events of arms distribution and arms training camps in the state of Rajasthan and Assam respectively. The said events took place between July 30, 2023 and August 1, 2023.

The arms training camp was organised by the Rashtriya Bajrang Dal in Darrang District of the state of Assam. As had been alleged, around 350 Hindu youths received training in handling firearms, martial arts, survival skills, and quick thinking. The intention of this camp was allegedly to fight against “love jihad” and create a divide among people from different communities, religions, and linguistic affiliations.

In Rajasthan, fringe extremist organization of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal allegedly distributed sharp-edged tridents among hundreds of Hindu men in Jaitaran, Pali, Rajasthan.Participants took an oath to uphold a “Hindu Rashtra,” pledging allegiance to militant Hindu ideologies.

The complaint highlights hate speeches delivered at these events, targeting religious minority communities, especially Muslims. Highlighting these instances, CJP has urged the authorities to take action against these activities that are promoting hate speech and divisive ideology. The complaint also provided that such distribution of weapons by private groups poses a significant threat to public safety, security, and inter-community relations.

The complaint expresses concern that these events and activities promote communal polarization, fear, and division among communities. It further asserts that the activities of these groups violate the principles of secularism, religious harmony, and social cohesion enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The events are seen as promoting a divisive and extremist Hindutva ideology, potentially marginalizing and alienating minority communities. The distribution of tridents and militant oaths promotes religious vigilantism.

The complaint also gives a background of the groups, by providing the history and ideology of these groups, the complaint contextualizes their actions within a broader framework. By highlighting the controversies, communal tensions, and incidents associated with these groups, the complaint emphasizes the broader impact of their actions on society, public safety, and national security. The background information provided in the complaint about Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad serves to provide context, enhance credibility, and strengthen the argument for urgent action against the events described in the complaint. The complaint also provided the violations of law that took place in the districts, in Assam and Rajasthan.

The complaint urges authorities to take immediate and stringent action against the organizers of these events, emphasizing the need to uphold the rule of law, ensure public safety, and protect the rights of all citizens, irrespective of their religious background. It seeks investigations, legal action, and steps to prevent further such incidents in the future. The complaint stated- “To direct the DGP, Assam and DGP, Rajasthan or any other appropriate authority to investigate the matter thoroughly, register FIRs against such blatant hate speech and illegal usage of weapons, ensuring that all relevant sections of the Indian Criminal law and Arms Acts are included in the said criminal complaint.”

The complaint can be read here:



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