CJP urges action against violation of post bail conditions by Bittu Bajrangi, files complaint with Nuh Police

The Nuh Sessions Court had asked Bittu Bajrangi to not make any public statement, especially on social media, while granting him bail; two incidents of Bajrangi indulging in hate speech and moral police surfaced on social media

On November 10, Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) wrote a complaint to the Nuh police station against the contentious acts being committed by Bittu Bajrangi in defiance of his bail conditions. In August, Bittu Bajrangi had been booked by the Nuh Police in connection with the communal violence that had taken place in Nuh district during a religious procession on July 31. He had been arrested on August 15 and was granted bail by Nuh Session Court on August 30. While granting him bail, the additional district and sessions judge Sandeep Kumar had imposed conditions on his bail which included obtaining prior permission from the superintendent of police to visit Nuh district and refraining from making public statements, especially on social media.

Through the complaint, CJP highlighted the hate speech delivered by Bajrangi in Faridabad on November 4, 2023 wherein he targeted the Muslim community and raised calls for their economic boycott. Through his speech, he asked for the Hindus to boycott Muslim sellers while buying anything for Diwali festivals. By creating the fear of Muslims using their earning to slaughter cows and harass Hindu women, the serial hate offender indulged in spreading anti-Muslim sentiments and raising calls for economic boycott of Muslims. In the other instance provided in the complaint, Bajrangi stopped an interfaith couple from getting married in Faridabad.

The complaint provides that “these incidents are pure intimidation and a violation of the Indian Constitution that assures under Article, 19, 21, 14 and 25, the inalienable right to every Indian, who has attained legal majority, to choose a life partner of their choosing regardless of faith, caste, class or gender. These guarantee every Indian the right to equality before the law, a life without discrimination, right to life itself and the freedom to associate and perform economic activity and business apart from the freedom of faith, belief and worship.”

The complaint then provides the legal provision pertaining to cancellation of bail, which are mainly contained in Section 437 (5) and Section 439(2) Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).  The complaint urges the Nuh police to approach the Nuh Session court in regards to the offences highlighted and violation of bail condition and urge the court to cancel the bail granted to Bittu Bajrangi.

The complaint also pointed out that the offences of hate speech and moral policing committed by Bajrangi are crimes punishable under the Indian Penal Code itself. Therefore, the complaint urges the Nuh police to take fresh cognizance of the post-bail offences mentioned and to investigate the matter thoroughly and register FIRs.

The complete complaint can be accessed here:


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