Complaint filed against Ilyas Sharafuddin for using inflammatory words against Hindu Gods

Muslim citizen from Thane seeks to file an FIR against Sharafuddin for trying to disturb communal harmony

 Ilyas Sharafuddin for using inflammatory words

On June 10, 2022, aggrieved by the hateful words uttered by the self-proclaimed Islamic Scholar Ilyas Sharafuddin against Hindu deities, one Nuruddin Latif Naik, a Muslim citizen from Thane, wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai and Thane expressing his wish to lodge an FIR against Ilyas Sharafuddin under Section 154 of the CrPC for disturbing the social harmony and peace. The Complaint was submitted to the senior Police Inspector, Mumbra police station, Ashok Kadgal on the evening of Friday, June 10 and copies also sent to Commissioner of Police, Thane, Jasjeet Singh as also Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, Sanjay Pandey.

Nuruddin Naik, the complainant brings the authorities’ attention to the hateful video of Ilyas Sharafuddin wherein he describes in an “utmost insulting” and “rather disgusting manner”, the ‘Shivling’: the greatest symbol of Lord Shiva that is profoundly respected and worshipped in the Sanatan Dharma. In the complaint, he also disapproves of some very offensive remarks made by Ilyas stating that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is the father of Lord Ram.

Ashamed of sharing the video of insulting remarks made by Ilyas, he offers the authorities to share the copy only if demanded by them. The video may be viewed here:



The complainant states, “The words used by Ilyas Sharfuddin constitute deliberate provocation, a blatant attempt to disturb peace and insult the sentiments of hundreds of thousands of my countrywomen and men who, along with us Muslims, live in harmony.”

According to Nuruddin Naik, Ilyas has no sense or knowledge of his own religion, Islam, and is taking the liberty to freely make foul statements about others religion and cultures without the fear of any consequence. He further states that Ilyas is functioning with a brazen sense of impunity and is bringing about a false picture of the teachings of Islam, which make the statements even more dangerous.

He adds, “No religion teaches hatred, in fact Islam absolutely condemns mocking or questioning or disrespecting the beliefs of people of other religions. Such statements of Sharafuddin, if let go without strict action and prosecution, shall encourage him to continue his unlawful acts, and many others shall be motivated to do so as well, eventually it will stir up irreparable damage and hatred amongst the entire public at large.

Therefore, Nuruddin Naik urges immediate registration of an FIR and seeks strict and immediate prosecution of Ilyas under IPC section 153A (promotion of enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony), section 298 (uttering, words, etc., with deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person), and section 505(1) and (2) (publication or circulation of any statement, rumour or report causing public mischief and enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes).

The complainant, Nuruddin Naik, who is also involved in many social initiatives in Mumbra, Thane also states in his complaint that, “Such prompt and stringent actions by the police and administration will promote the rule of law laid down under the Indian Constitution and work to refrain them from making comments that would seriously affect social harmony and are a threat to public peace. This needs your immediate attention and rapid action. ”

“Our country India is a beautiful country of mixed population of numerous caste , colour and creed. People of religions live in harmony. We celebrate each other’s festivals with great enthusiasm. Such hatred spread any person with the motive of creating communal disharmony, should be immediately arrested and put behind bars. This will be a lesson for all those who have been trying to spoil the environment of this country. It is the duty of every citizen of the country to fight against hatred for the betterment of the country and society.”


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