Congregational prayers at mosques partially suspended due to Covid-19 outbreak

Leaders of the community ask people to pray from home, only staff will pray from mosque premises

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Post instructions from the administration and a section of community leaders to comply with the guidelines issued by the government in the wake of Covid-19, the Sunnis have taken a decision to suspend their congregational Jumma prayers at mosques.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and instructions on public safety by the administration, it is now being announced in many mosques after the muezzin’s call for namaz that due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and instructions from the administration, that all devotees except the staff at the mosques and dargahs, offer prayers from home.

Seeing the high number of cases in Maharashtra, the government has issued a shutdown to stop the transmission of the virus. Maulana Mahmood Daryabadi of the All India Ulema Council said that three days ago, the leaders of the community had a meeting with police officials in which it was decided that the older members and the weak would be suggested to stay home and the crowds at the mosques would be reduced, apart from ensuring that the mosques are disinfected regularly.

However, seeing the current situation where the number of cases is only increasing, the police is now stressing the importance of banning the entry of devotees, especially during the Friday prayers.

Maulana Daryabadi said that he had a conversation with Maulana Mufti Aziz-ur-Rahman Mudzila who said that seeing the spread of the virus and the instructions of the government, it could be that the mosques Imams, muezzins and khadims could offer namaz from the mosque and dargah premises. The rest of the devotees could offer prayers from home. Those mosques which do not have staff, can ask four to five people in the neighbourhood to offer prayers in the premises so that the rituals of the mosque continue.

He also said that the decision was supported by Mufti Darul Uloom Adidmiya, Chunabhatti, Mumbai and Mufti Jasimudddin Kasmi. Maulana Mufti Shakeel Mansoor of the USA also echoed similar views. Saying that all verbal and written instructions regarding public safety must be followed religiously, he told TOI, “Most of the muftis (those who issue fatwas) endorsed my suggestion that congregational prayers should be suspended and just a few people should offer daily namaz at the mosques.”


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