One Nation, one election is a regression, a denial of democratisation of the marginalised

While electoral reforms and the question of social justice need to be centre stage, this path is not the way

‘Prosecution Itself is Punishment for Them’

The Modi government has a poor record of jailing civil rights activists and political dissenters, amounting to silencing of dissent

Pasmanda Muslims need justice, not merely lip service

PM Modi has taken up the cause of ‘Pasmanda’ Muslims in order to woo them to the BJP fold in the run-up to the 2024 elections. Ironically, it was his government too that refused reservation benefits to Pasmanda Muslims and Dalit Christians: infamously the BJP’s official stand under Modi has been that, since “Islam and Christianity were egalitarian religions, did not have untouchability, hence no need to accord SC status to ‘Dalit Muslims’”