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Adieu Ramu, Admiral Ramdas, a public servant of civility, grace and conviction; for you, a personal & professional tribute

Farewell Ramu: A Personal and professional tribute to Admiral Ramdas, a public servant of civility, grace, and conviction

Bilkis Bano speaks: First person account, Godhra Relief Camp, March 2002

Twenty-two years ago, almost to the day, Bilkis Bano gave an oral statement recounting the horrors of what she had been through, to Communalism Combat magazine. Given the rather glaring trajectory of the case, where despite Bilkis’ Complaint, FIR with detailed facts, recounting the incident and naming accused, the Godhra police filed a ‘closure’ report (A Summary) which was even accepted by the local court, it is crucial that we re-visit, and read, in Bilkis’ words, her tale. Following the failures of the local administration, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) provided her the legal aid to ensure she finally does find justice, and peace.

Hate a political tool, now a state project: India 2023

There is a chance to make Meta Facebook accountable for its hate generating content on May 31, by voting YES for Proposal 7 titled “Assessing Allegations of Biased Operations in Meta's Largest Market” which is to be presented at Meta's AGM on May 31, 2023. It highlights allegations against Facebook for disseminating hate speech, its failure to address risks and political bias, voices concerns around inadequate content moderation and lack of transparency in platform practices. The writer calls on readers to participate in this campaign on social media to make our republic hate-free