Author: Md Zeeshan Ahmad

Supreme Inconsistency: Adoption jurisprudence in cases of Muslims in India

Inconsistent jurisprudence related to adoption for Muslim couples renders parents and the young rudderless. These circumstances are enabled by a backward looking and rigid politics of the Muslim Personal Law Board (MPLB).On March 4, 2024, Live Law published a report of the Supreme Court rendering an important judgment in a custody matter in which both the parties were Muslims. What made this March 4 verdict quite distinct and path breaking? The SC didn't just reiterate the jurisprudence in matters of custody while highlighting the inconsistencies of the Orissa HC order, but also called out the flaw of court in framing the issue erroneously.In this article, the author engages with some case law on the subject to show how inconsistency creeps into judgments and what the extant jurisprudence on the matter is.