Author: Mohammad Sajjad

Why is the BJP calling the Congress Manifesto 2024 to be an “Imprint of the Muslim League”?

The author argues that this panic reaction from PM Modi shows that he and his party are rattled by growing criticism and alienation from the people and especially by the substantive promise of social justice and transparency offered by the Grand Old Party in its manifesto

Muzaffar Ali and his English language autobiography, Zikr:  hope for a beleaguered India?

The author, a History professor at AMU, writes on the discussion that took place at the prestigious university last week, on January 25 and 6, 2024 with young students faced with the divisive politics of today

On UCC, personal law reform & the politics of competitive communalism

Crucial reforms in Muslim personal law, especially laws related to inheritance and adoption need to bne initiated forthwith; historically speaking, without the state’s backing, hardly has any reform taken place or allowed to prevail