Author: teesta setalvad

Maliana acquittals 36 years after 72 Muslims massacred in cold blood, abysmal failure of justice, substantive & procedural

The acquittals took place despite directions by the High Court being seized of the matter since 2021 where the issue raised is of crucial documents including the FIR and other evidence had “gone missing”, of strict and fair procedures that need to be followed; this 2021 legal intervention by a journalist Qurban Ali, who covered the cold blooded massacre in 1987 and Vibhuti Narain Rai, an IPS officer who, as SP Ghaziabad had filed the FIR in the Hashimpura carnage the day before, in the High Court  will now be heard with the judgement of acquittal being passed without completion of trial procedure

Caste in CBSE Texts, Who is to Blame?

While the CBSE issued a clarification over viral 'casteist' text in Class 6 History textbook, the fact that caste bias surfaces time and again, over decades, in official board texts is a matter of concern

A half baked secularism: Teesta Setalvad on caste and communalism

Drawing on the subcontinent's history of faith entwined politics and the resultant consolidation of power in the hands of the few, Teesta Setalvad invokes Ambedkar, Periyar and uses her own engagement with communalism to argue that the battle for secularism in India simply cannot be won without addressing the issue of caste. First published in Communalism Combat in April 1999.