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The sound of music

This was an exclusive in depth interview done in 2008, 16 years ago with the indomitable Ameen Sayani who passed on February 20,2024 at the ripe old age of 91. Teesta Setalvad speaks to Ameen Sayani about the 4 decades old journey in politics, music and life with nuggets of India’s freedom struggle in which Sayani’s mother was a close associate of Gandhiji. A product of the New Era school Mumbai, Sayani’s is a tale more precious in the re-telling

Three Rams—Amma’s Iftar that celebrates them all

Saturday evening, April 8 saw a unique Iftar second year running, that was Amma Srinivasan and her family’s firm response to Ram Navami hate: Bengaluru

The contentious route, a common factor in inciting violence during religious processions in India

Institutional amnesia chronically ails the state police! Myriad commissions of inquiry including the seminal Justice DP Madon Commission of Inquiry into the Bhiwandi-Mahad-Jalgaon Riots in 1970 have abjured the police from allowing indiscriminate passage to religious processions; the recommendations of these commissions and the law of the land are however not followed by the police controlled as its actions are by the executive