Author: vidya bhushan rawat

The crisis of British model of Democracy: A landslide without majority vote share

The smooth and quick transfer of power in UK speaks volume on the great democratic tradition in that country. Election results came out during the day and by the...

Uttarakhand: Saluts to the rat-hole miners, a wake up call to stop exploiting the Himalayas

Our heros are rat hole miners. Three big cheers and salaams to rat hole miners Feroz and Munna Quraishi, Rashid ,Irshad ,Naseem ,Monu ,Naseer Ankur ,Jatin, Saurabh, Waqeel Hasan and Devender & Gabbar Singh Negi; the 51-yr old foreman who showed real leadership qualities, kept morales high; and was the last to step out

Honouring an unsung hero, former prime minister VP Singh

It was a pleasant surprise to see former Prime Minister V P Singh on the front pages of the Manu-stream Media. Though, they would...