Continuing the Brave Fight: Kanhaiya Kumar does it again

In yet another speech that spoke eloquently of true love of the land and its people, Kanhaiya unravelled the shallow, divisive and hate ridden politics of the Modi regime. Large sections of Indian television did not telecast this speech

Kanhaiya Kumar does it again. In a 55 minute speech on March 15, this time on Parliament Street, New Delhi, the President of the Jawaharlal Nehru Students Union (JNUSU) unflinchingly listed the failures of the Modi government and reclaimed patriotism as the manifestation of the hard labour and contributions of all the Indian people.

Nineteen minutes into the speech there an attempt to by a person to reach up and slap him and disrupt the protest; but Kanhaiya calmed the students in the march and continued to speak. This happened a second and a third time but the speech continued.

Twelve days have passed since his first speech delivered within the JNU campus on March 3, 2016. That speech created record viewing on the airwaves, but this time there was a marked difference. Television channels appeared not to consider it fit to relay this speech by Kanhaiya Kumar.

The march in which students and faculty members participated was for demanding the release of fellow students Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya, who are in custody on sedition charges.

From patriotism to the anti-people policies of the Modi regime, Kanhaiya Kumar had done his homework well. Excerpts:

“Modiji desh bhakti aur desh se pyaar  tay hota hai Samvidhan se, Rahstrawaad tay hota hai Samvidhaan se. Samaanta, Bhaychaara, Dharmnirpekshata se, tay hoti hai deshbhakti.”
(Equality, Non-Discrimination, Fraternity and Secularism, embedded in our Constitution constitutes real Patriotism and love of the country)

“It is the people of Bharat who make up this country and love for all the people is love for this country”

“What is Patriotism, but love for India?…..Nehruji said patriotism and love for India is love for the Indian people..”

“Inflation is spiralling, attacks on women are increasing, a rapist is part of the government at the centre; this is a shame; this is all that the BJP is doing.”

“We do not want to learn patriotism from you, you the RSS and the Jana Sangh who had burnt our precious Tricolour in 1943. This country is as much a country of and for the Hindus as it is of Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Jains, as much a country for Parsis as for Atheists!”

“What has this government done? Look at inflation, food inflation, unemployment and check the variations on the Sensex, people are watching and Indians will judge you on your performance Modiji”

“Modiji aapne kahaan, ek bhaashan se koi neta nahin banta. Jee haan Modiji, Yah aapko bhi lagoo hota hai! Kya Acche Din, Acchi Raat bhi ab tak nahin aaye!!”
(Modiji you said, one speech does not a leader make. This is true and applies to you as well. Forget the good times (days), even the nights are bad)

“We ran the Occupy UGC Campaign to restore and increase Research fellowships being cut by Smriti Irani’s UGC. She came and met us student protestors and promised that by December 2015 a Report would be submitted to Parliament. December has come and gone, January too, February and now we are in March 2016. Where are the fellowships Smritiji? This is a government of false promises”

 “In the name of a false patriotism this RSS driven government is trying to divide us. We will not be divided. Where was the RSS when we fought and struggled to get the British out?”

“Who spoke first of the two nation theory, the Hindu Mahasabha; and many of the Hindu Mahasabha-ites are today in the Parliament (ruling party MPs)

" They (RSS and the BJP) spread violence in Muzaffarnagar, but did they grant the minimum support price for sugarcane famers there?"

" Modiji, when you go to UP (where elections are due next year), people will not check your nationalism certificate, they will check your report card. They will say prices didn't fall and the money you promised didn't come (into accounts). What will you reply, that you were fighting the ‘traitors’ of JNU?"

"People are asking, where are the jobs you promised."

Kanhaiya repeated his call for a broad- based coalition against the BJP. " Whatever the colour of your flag, or even if you don't hold a flag. You may see the world from a Marxist or Ambedkarite or Gandhian point of view. Today all these points of view are at risk. There is only one point of view, it is coming from Nagpur: ' Ekal rashtra banaenge .'
(If you understand this point and its intensity, then erase all lines, end this quarrel of colours and capture every colour. This country has no single colour.”)

" Smriti Irani says she is the mother of schoolchildren. OK Mataji , did you call the mother of Rohith Vemula or my mother and say, ' Your son may have done something, but I am standing with you. Meri Ma ko bhi mere saath desh drohi baya gaya hai.  Rohith Vemula ki maata ko bhi deshdrohi banaya gaya hai”
(My mother and Rohith’s mother have also been dubbed anti-nationals with us)

"To those who work for Rs 3,000 in the ( BJP/RSS) Cyber Cell, tell Modiji you won't abuse JNUites…. You won't troll those who like our posts, you won't abuse our mothers and sisters and friends for just Rs 3000. If you rise and say this, the first rally for your rights will happen in JNU."



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