Covid-19: Worli-Koliwada sealed, residents struggle for essentials

TV channel reports people took a boat to Mahim to buy groceries, 3 people arrested

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After the discovery of a Covi-19 positive case, the entire Worli Koliwada area of Mumbai was declared a containment zone and completely sealed off five days ago. No one was allowed in or out, in a bid to contain the spread of the virus. But after supplies ran out, plight of residents worsened.

“We don’t have milk, vegetables or any groceries. What will we feed our children,” asked a resident. “You have to go to a bus stop one kilometer away to get a gas cylinder. Those who have cars and petrol can go bring them, but what about those of us who don’t? Moreover, very often there is only one doctor available for an entire area and there are long lines outside the dispensary. What happens to our sick people? The government said they will supply essentials, but where are they,” asks another.

Meanwhile a TV channel reported that a boat had left Worli-Koliwada and gone to Mahim, thus breaking the quarantine. Following this, the Dadar police arrested three people in connection with the case.

“The TV channel just said that a boat went to Mahim amidst the quarantine, but did not explain why we were forced to do so in the first place. Our corner stores have run dry and even basic things like break and milk are unavailable. Parents will do whatever it takes to ensure their children don’t starve. The boat that went to Mahim got us essential like milk, biscuits and grains,” says a resident.

While residents do not deny that a boat went out during the lockdown, they insist it went two days before the story was telecast on the TV channel. “Some people took a fishing boat to Mahim and bought essential supplies, but that was two days before they showed the story,” says a resident. “TV channels are also saying that trucks of vegetables and grains are being brought in, but that is not true. Why would we need to take out our boats if the supplies were made available to us,” he asks.  

In fact, recently, CJP had helped provide supplies to families of migrant labourers from Jharkhand living in this area. They were stuck in the sealed zone and on the brink of starvation.


CJP provides rations to migrant workers



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