“The cow is not our mother, Hindutva means nothing to us”: A devout and ‘proud’ Malayali Hindu

The statement circulating on Whatsapp was received by Sabrang India from one of its viewers.

Nandi at Shiva temple, Vaikom, Kerala. Photo credit: Pinterest

Certain ignorant fundamentalists now in power should understand this before targeting Malayalees for their defiance against myths of Akhand Bharat and the beliefs of north.

We Hindus of Kerala don't worship cows as mothers. You will rather find bulls in Shiva temples here as stars. For us, Sabarimala and Guruvayoor means a lot more than Haridwar or Ayodhya. Our major festivals are Onam and Vishu, not Diwali or Navaratri. We don't celebrate Holi , Bhai Dooj, Karwa Chauth or Rakhi. Christmas and Eid are pretty much part of our lives.

Some ardent religious Keralites are vegetarians and a few others by choice. Most of us eat beef, chicken, mutton, duck and all sort of other meats. Fish is essentially a part of Kerala cuisine. Just because, some Northies worship beef, don't expect us to give up beef.“`

Buffalo meat is not banned anywhere in India. So it was a planned plot in Delhi and well executed by some Hindu Sena to hurt Keralite defiance. Malayalam is our mother tongue and so we are Malayalies. Neither Hindi nor Hindutva means anything to us.

Islam and Christianity grew here peacefully and those who believe in those religions are a part of our multi-cultural society. In Kerala you will find churches, temples and mosques standing tall close to each other in peace and some of them are thousands of years old. Keep the sobbing stories of Mughals and other invasions of the North to yourselves. The oldest mosque in India built in 629 AD is right here in Kerala at Kodungallur.“`

We had trade relations with Jews, Arabs, Chinese and many South East Asian kingdoms for over two thousand years (i.e. during B.C.). We defeated the Dutch in Kolachal.

Travancore and Kochi were not part of British India.They were pretty much independent princely states. Travancore had its own elected people's assembly here in Trivandrum before Indian independence.

RSS and other regressive forces should know that we won't bow before your Hindutva agenda, we joined the Indian Union, which is a Secular Federal Republic, and will never be a part of any Hindu Rashtra".

— A Proud Malayali Hindu.

Ramachandra Aluri is Associate Editor of the mass-circulated Mathruboomi Daily & outstanding literary figure in Malayalam. He is a devout Malayali Hindu.



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