Cow vigilantes attack truck driver in Amritsar

A group of goons are seen operating in the presence of and rather with the cooperation of the police while beating up the truck driver

Cow Vigilantes

A video has surfaced on Twitter today showing a truck driver being attacked by some goons, in the presence of police personnel. While there is a lot of commotion in the video, it is clear that a few men stopped a truck in the middle of the road and started threatening the driver and demanded that he get off the truck and open the truck and show what he was carrying.

The person recording the video can be heard saying that the truck was smuggling “gomata” or cows to Srinagar. While the truck driver was being beaten up mercilessly on a dark dingy side of the road.

One of the men can also be  heard directing the police to handcuff the driver. Another man can be heard telling others to stop beating up. One man can be heard saying that he salutes Punjab Police for catching these trucks as they are smuggling cows and it is a sin under Sanatan Dharm.

The video, however, stopped when the truck door was being opened to show whether the truck was really carrying the cows as alleged.

Cow vigilantism is not a common phenomenon in Punjab and no such incident in recent times has been reported from the state.


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