CPI-M team headed by Brinda Karat meets Dalit family: 16-year old daughter killed two days ago

The brutal killing of the young teenager Dalit girl by Sahil Sarfaraz has set of another round of hate-letting

Delhi: The barbaric killing of a 16 year old girl by someone she supposedly knew, in full public view has shocked the country. Yesterday, Wednesday, May 30, a CPI(M) team with Polit Bureau Member Comrade Brinda Karat and Delhi State Secretary Comrade KM Tiwari met the working class Dalit family of the teenager to express their sorrow and solidarity. The father Janak Raj told the team that there was no communal angle or enmity between communities. “ We are all workers earning our living. We live together in peace.”

The father also stated he wanted the strictest punishment against the criminal. Delhi. Janwadi Mahila Sanghatan (JMS) State Secretary and party state secretariat member comrade Asha Sharma, Siddheshwar Shukla Party area secretary and state committee member and many other local comrades were part of the team.


Ghastly murder of a minor girl on street fuels communal fire: Delhi



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