CU students protest against Choice Base-Credit System, wants more time

Vice-Chancellor sympathises with the students, but refuses to do anything for the benefit of CU students, who feel that the gap between two semester is little for them to prepare for their examination

Kolkata: With slogans like CBCS Manchi Na, Manchi Na (We don’t want the CBCS system), We want more time and banners, hundreds of Calcutta University (CU) students protested in front of the university against Choice Based-Credit System (CBCS) on Wednesday.

The protest comes at a time when students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) are protesting against fee hike. However, here in Kolkata, students of CU have also started a movement against the recently introduced CBCS.

This system of marking introduced in 2018 by CU, aimed at cutting down of the system, allowing students to select their papers and above all introducing grade point system for the result declaration.

Under this system, to graduate, an honours student needs to have a CGPA of 4 and a general degree student needs to have a CGPA of 3. It is claimed that the system also make revaluation and reappearing for the students easier. Adding to this, 20 marks are allotted to internal exams that are conducted by the colleges and attendance respectively, the total being 80 marks, laboratory-based subjects will have 30 marks in practical tests and 50 in the theoretical paper. On the other hand, in the cases of other subjects, 15 marks will be allotted in the tutorials and 65 in the written.

students of CU Calcutta University CBCS Kolkata JNU
Large number of students protesting before CU

However, this year the CBCS format could not function properly, thereby leading to discontent among the students, who gathered in large numbers in front of the university, to express their resentment through protests which remained between 11 am till 7 pm on November 13.

“We are not against the entire system. We are standing united against the system which puts our future at stake. We want justice,” said Rajni Kumari Singh, a second-year student of Journalism. She further informed that they had filed a petition before the Vice-Chancellor Sonali Chakravarti Banerjee, in which all their disappointments have been listed.

According to the protesting students, the breathing period between two semesters is less than six months. As a consequence, the students are being unable to complete the syllabus for the third semester within three months.

students of CU Calcutta University CBCS Kolkata JNU
CU students with posters and placards

“Half of the colleges affiliated to CU lack the infrastructure to carry on with the CBCS format, they lack in faculty, gadgets and proper administration is not there for which it is we, the students, who are suffering”, said Sapnapriya Ghosal, a 2nd-year student of CU.

The protest banners and the placard were carried out by students. “The CBCS system was installed for the welfare of the students only. But as it is, CU sees the faces of revolts now and then. I would suggest them to study instead of wasting time in protesting,” said a professor at CU, but seek anonymity.

Declaring examination dates, at the fag end, was an issue that the students need to flag. Sanjana, a Mass Communication student said, “This movement is not to disrupt the system but to fight for our rights. We have a huge syllabus to cover within a very short time and this cannot be how an educational institution should work.”

Chanting of slogans and the rally did not show any violence or did not hinder the formal duties and chores of the officials. The VC sympathized with their problems but refused to do anything about it. Despite all, students are clear on the fact, their demands need to be fulfilled and they would keep protesting till those in authority provide a solution to their problem,” said the Mujahiudil Siddique.




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