Cutting through communal hate: Mosque postpones celebrations for Hindu girl’s marriage

After tying the knot, the girl called the mahal committee and thanked them for the gesture
Paleri Mosque
Image Courtesy: The News Minute

Amidst the increasing incidents of propaganda and radicalism that threaten the communal harmony of the nation, there are some individuals and communities who, just by being their kind and compassionate selves, restore our faith in humanity.

One such incident that reassures us of peace, took place at the Idivetty Jumamasjid when the Mahal committee near Perambra, Kozhikode postponed their Milad Un-Nabi celebrations because a Hindu girl was getting married next door to the mosque on the same day. The celebrations that were supposed to take place on November 10, will now take place on November 17, The News Minute reported.

The committee not only postponed their celebrations, but also played the perfect host by actively took part in the marriage. Soon after tying the knot and before leaving to the groom’s house, the bride, Prathyusha A P, 22, called on the mahal committee members and wholeheartedly thanked them for their wonderful gesture.

Prathysha’s house, Chemmamkuzhi in Changaroth gram panchayat is separated by only a four-meter-wide road from the mosque on the opposite side, which also houses a madrasa in the compound.

The mahal committee was kind enough to consider the special day in Prathyusha’s life and didn’t want any obstacle to mar it. “Every year during Milad-un-Nabi hundreds of people come here to participate in the celebrations. There will be traffic jams, loud speakers are used, decorations and lot of temporary shops will be set up near the road. This can be troublesome for the wedding. So, we decided to postpone it happily,” NC Abdu Rahman, Mahal Committee Secretary and also a school teacher told TNM.

Usually, there would have been oppana, duffmuttu, songs and other competitions held for students on Milad-Un-Nabi day which would make the ambience a festive one. “Obviously, the festivities can be organised on another day. But marriage is a special occasion and that too of a girl staying nearby,” says mahal committee member O T Basheer.

“We maintained good relations with the mosque all these years. We are thankful that they did this, although we didn’t make a request. They came here and informed us, and also blessed my daughter,” Indira, Prathyusha’s mother told the media on Sunday. Indira also said that her family and she used to participate in the mosque’s celebrations every year.

Medical students and engineering graduates, belonging to the families of mahal committee members, served food at his sister’s marriage, Prasoon, the bride’s brother gushed.

In return for the nice gesture, Prasoon, who is working abroad, has invited all 11 mahal committee members, led by President Idivetty Moidu Haji, to his house on November 13 for a reception during his sister’s first homecoming after marriage.

“In the present times, only we common people can spearhead peacemaking and secularism. We at the ground level have to think, and act sensibly. Whatever the political scenario is we can live peacefully with love and consideration to others,” Abdu Rahman said.

It is really heartwarming to see that the people of India, the ones at the grassroots, do not believe in enmity. Hindus and Muslims have lived as brothers throughout the years, but forces of extremism and radical outfits have gone all out to poison their minds against each other. This is why, such instances, however few, will always hold weight against the many incidents of hatred and we will make sure these reach out to the world, as a symbol of hope.



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