Cyberabad Police slammed for replying to Twitter user’s tweet on ‘Jihadis’

People questioned the police’s implicit support to a tweet that could be termed as ‘Islamophobic’

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The Cyberabad Police found itself in a soup, minutes after it replied to a Twitter user, Suresh Kochattil who asked if the Cyberabad force was conducting background checks in American software companies citing that many ‘wannabe jihadis’ worked there.       

The Cyberabad Police replied with the following response.

Soon after, not only politicians and activists, but even the general public, began to question the police for implicitly endorsing Suresh’s partisan views against a particular community. Facing the heat, the Cyberabad police issued a statement to the Telangana DGP clarifying its reply to Kochattil.

However, the people wouldn’t have it. From questioning how the Cyberabad police defined ‘wannabe jihadis’, what exactly they were monitoring, and why they hadn’t booked Kochattil for what constituted as hate speech instead, the angry Twitterati alleged that the police was indulging in the religious profiling of certain communities.

Twitterati alleged that instead of reprimanding Kochattil, the police ended up encouraging his inflammatory thoughts; especially at a time when the country’s minorities are gripped with the fear of being branded as ‘outcasts’ in their own country.


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