Dalit charges Karnataka BJP chief Yeddyurappa with practicing untouchability

A Dalit youth has filed a complaint with the Mandya district police against Karnataka’s BJP chief, BS Yeddyurappa for practicing untouchability, the Indian Express has reported.

According to the report, Venkatesh D has complained that during his visit to Chitradurga district last Friday, the BJP leader put up a show before the media of eating at a Dalit home but it wasn’t food the family had prepared. It had been ordered from a hotel.

The complainant said such action from the BJP leader would send a wrong message to society, in particular in his own home district Mandya which has already seen several honour killings in recent marriages.

The police confirmed they had received the complaint and would take necessary action after looking into the matter.

Yeddyurappa is already faced with a similar controversy on social media following photographs showing him eating “tatte idli” at a Dalit house in Tumkur district.

Following the allegations leaders from the Congress and the Janata Dal (S) have lashed out at Yeddyurappa alleging that he has dishonoured Dalits wth his “stunts”.

In response, Yeddyurappa has accused his detractors of dishonouring Dalits and demanded that they apologise to the Dalits in whose homes he had breakfast.



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