Dalit Women Student Brutalised Before Murder: Kerala

Silence of the ‘national media’ around the death of Kerala student, Jisha, who was beaten savagely, sexually assaulted, similar to the Delhi bus gang rape, as revealed by the post-mortem raises serious questions about media priorities and ethics

Sabrangindia had raised the issue of selective prioritization of such crimes  even related to the  mysterious death (after alleged rape) of Delta Meghwal a 17-year old Dalit student in Rajasthan

The post-mortem report on the death of Jisha, the 29-year-old student who was found dead at her house near Perumbavoor in Kerala on April 28, reveals that she was brutally and sexually assaulted before she died, similar to the infamous 2012 Delhi gang-rape.

According to the latest report by Malayalam newspaper, Mathrubhumi,  Jisha was beaten savagely by a stranger/s using a sharp weapon that pulled out her intestines. More than 30 injuries were found on her body. As per the autopsy report, two sides of her chest were pierced to almost two inches deep using a sharp knife. She was also struck in the genitals with an iron rod. A severe injury on her head is cited as the main reason of her death. The post-mortem report will be handed over to the police officials on Tuesday.

The investigators have remained clueless even one week after the brutal incident, which is being called as the Nirbhaya case of Kerala. The hashtag #JusticeforJisha has been trending on Facebook and many social media users have been requesting the police and the government to take proper measures to find the person, who brutally killed the student.

Jisha, a law student, was found dead by her mother Rajeswari at their house in Rayamangalam panchayat on Thursday night after she returned from her daily work. The deceased is survived by her married sister and her father, who has been living separately from the family for years.

Here are some of the comments from social media:

Vibin Thomas                                 
!!!!!!!SHAME KERALA ####…..One law student named jisha is brutally rapped and killed by a stranger at its own house at perumbavoor… Its day five after that incident…no one arrested till now…..no politicians, medias, or woman activities s there for help..only her mother was live along with jisha….jisha s harmed by sharp tools… I think its like delhi case..may be larger than that….

Pratheesh Pc
Feeling so sad to hear about Jisha brutal rape murder happened in Perumbavoor, Kerala… Wish police and authorities take proper and bring justice to us…

Anil Kumar
No excuses for rapists, hang them on the spot…# justice for jishaperumbavoor.

Remesh Nair 
A dalit girl Jisha(Law student in Kerala) was brutally raped & killed in way Kerala hv never seen. No party is interested in it.#KeralaNirbhaya
Local news channel on the incident https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBBteg8vyLY



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