Death by Bullets or Bullet Trains, Polluting Our Oceans With Chemicals

Death by polluting our oceans and waterways with chemicals, iron ore, coal dust and other by products of the black death (coal), ammonia gas from fertiliser factories, or radio active and other toxic effluents from nuclear power plants all along our precious coastline..Be it Koodankulam, Tarapore, or Kalpakkam.

Climate Change

Here is just one small example of the havoc wrought in just one small area of the konkan coast.

Our coasts rich in marine life, COCONUTS and all its by products, of paddy, and mangroves,

What kind of ignorant , venal, creatures have we put into power at every level …Where officials are dancing around politicians and politicians are busy pleasing their capitalist cronies and all busy making money at the cost of people, nature, and our vast resource base that they are systematically plundering and destroying.

We , you and I, are also accountability by our silence. We need to bear witness now, today, without delay. We need to call them out , and say Enough is Enough…

For a start we need to get to the bottom of what has killed these fish and caused so many sting Rays to come out so many miles to beach themselves. .

And last but not least, think about the impact on livelihoods of all our fishing communities ….Right around our amazing peninsula…..




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