Death Penalty for Cow Slaughter, Swamy’s Bill in RS, Now Withdrawn

GOI against death penalty for those who rape children, one member wants death for cow killing! Swamy withdraws bill after assurances from Modi government

Subramaniam Swamy

BJP member of parliament in the Rajya Sabha, Subramaniam Swamy, known for his supremacist even extremist views has proposed a new national law against cow slaughter that includes death penalty as ‘deterrant punishment.’ A private members Bill was tabled in the Rajya Sabha yesterday. After moving the private member’s bill for a countrywide ban on cow slaughter, Swamy withdrew it after the government assured that steps have been taken to protect the animal.

During a two-hour discussion on the cow protection bill, the Upper House witnessed heated exchanges when Opposition members objected to railway minister Piyush Goyal’s remarks that an important issue was being “made fun of”.

The Bill pushes for the ‘creation of an authority for the stabilization of the population of cows, measures to comply with Article 37 and 48 of the Indian Constitution to ban cow slaughter and provide deterrant punishment including death penalty.’  The authority is called the National Cow Protection Authority.

A copy of the Bill tabled may be read here.

Ironically we have a situation where this government, the Modi regime says it is ‘against death penalty for those who rape children’ but a member of the same party that rules wants death for cow slaughter!!

Only recently the Centre told the Supreme Court that it was not in favour of amending laws to provide for death penalty to those found guilty of sexual assaults on infants and children. Additional solicitor general P S Narasimha told the SC that “death penalty is not an answer to everything”. Clearly to some of the ruling party death and killing is an answer to many things!
Narasimha had said in the SC the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act provided graded stringent punishment for sexual assault of children — a minimum 10-year term and maximum life imprisonment for raping a child while the punishment for a minor’s gang rape ranged between a 20-year term and life imprisonment.




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