Decoding Hate: Hindu Samaj Party Member spews hatred, asks for support to extremist leaders: Kamlesh Tiwari killing

Surendra Singh Rajpurohit, who goes by SSTiger Rajpurohit online, ran a 41 minute long stream on Facebook Live today, with the (translated) caption, “Disgraceful conduct of fake saffron leaders exposed live.”

In the stream, the Hindu Samaj Party member criticised BJP leaders such as Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not doing enough for the “Hindu” cause. Calling them “pigs” and “dogs”, he accused BJP leaders for coddling Muslims who he called terrorists. He also vocalised his concerns over how Hindu leaders like Kamlesh Tiwari, who he claimed have done so much for this nation, are being murdered in their own homes. He asked his viewers to wake up to this reality, and show their support or that he, Raja Singh, Updesh Rana, or Deepak Sharma might be the next to die.

At the time of writing this post, the video had 2.6 million views and has been shared 18,225 times. The video can be found here.




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